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Friday, June 28, 2013

EZ Mix Lets You See What You’re Doing and Save Time and Hassle

Accurate measurements are vital in all areas of auto body repair. From paint to epoxy, sealer to primer, everything needs to be measured and mixed correctly. Doing otherwise leads to costly waste in the best case, and poor quality results for customers in the worst case. Traditionally, mixing and measuring have been hard to do, particularly given the wide range of liquids that most body shops have to deal with. Add to that the fact that you don’t really want to mix some of those liquids together, and you’ve got a tough situation. EZ Mix has a clear solution, though.

EZMix Products

EZMix products offer the accuracy, control and easy mixing capabilities you need. The company manufactures a range of mixing and measuring products, ideal for any shop, large or small. Perhaps the best thing about these clear cups is that they’re completely disposable. Use them for your mixing and measuring needs, and then toss them out. That eliminates the time and hassle of trying to remove dried paint from permanent mixing and measuring systems, and saves you money in the long run (saved time equals savings on payroll). 

Clearview Technology     

One of the most difficult things about mixing paint is the fact that you need to see what you’re doing. In a solid colored mixing cup or bowl, that’s impossible to do. The immediate result is the wrong mixture, or so much time spent trying to get it right that you’re falling behind on your work. Clearview technology (EZMix’s unique solution to the visibility problem) ensures that you can always see exactly how much of what paint or other liquid you’ve got in the cup, making mixing a cinch.

EZ Mix clearview products aren’t only available in cups, either. You’ll also find bowls, pitchers, buckets, bottles, clearview cans and even spray bottles that double as paper towel holders. The range of product types ensures that no matter what type of shop you’re running or what type of job you’ve got going, you can get the ideal mixing solution.

Other Products from EZ Mix

Not all paint mixing needs revolve around mixing containers, as any shop owner will tell you. That’s why EZ Mix produces several other vital products, including color match cards, touch up bottles and paint sticks (yes, those are for mixing). With the range of products available, you can save an immense amount of time and money.


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