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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Five Star Xtreme Primers – Major Brand Quality without the Cost

Painting is an integral part of automotive bodywork. Whether you’re doing something relatively simple like replacing a hood or a single body panel, or repairing a wrecked vehicle with significant body damage, it’s all going to culminate in painting. Both the customer’s perception of the repair job hinge on getting the paint right, but so does the protection of the underlying metal. Of course, as anyone who’s worked in a body shop for any length of time knows, a great paint job starts with what's underneath the paint including the right primer. Five Star Xtreme Primers offer major brand quality and durability, without the cost.

Faster Production

In any body shop, speed is an important consideration. Take too long on one job, and profitability and production fall by the wayside. The process of painting a repaired vehicle is time consuming, so you need to ensure the products you use are up to the task. 5 Star Primer offers some of the fastest drying capabilities on the market, ensuring that you’re able to complete the paint job in good time (and then move on to the next). High-production shops benefit greatly, but any body shop can appreciate this benefit.

Filler and Primer in One

Using a separate primers and sealers is a chore, and it cuts into production time. 5 Star auto body primer and sealer lets you do both at once. The company’s 2k Primer offers excellent adhesion to body panels, and is high build for better filling. Like other Five Star Xtreme products, the 2K Primer is fast drying for better productivity, but it’s also easy to sand down to the perfect finish. Additionally, it can be mixed differently depending on your needs and the job in question (it does need to be mixed with Activator 5457, though). After it’s been applied, dried and sanded, you can apply any automotive paint without worries.

Bare Metal

Everyone knows that when it comes to applying primer to bare metal, adhesion suffers. However, with Five Star Xtreme Self-Etching Filter Primer, that’s not a problem. The primer contains an acid that etches into the bare metal and provides secure adhesion for the application. It’s also corrosion resistant, so you don’t need to worry about rust forming between the primer and the metal surface, either.

Five Star Xtreme Primers offer professional results, outstanding warranty coverage and a price that you won’t find with big brand names.


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