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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Brief Look at Meguiars compounds and polishes

Established in 1901, Meguiars offers a number of car care products like car wash liquids, auto detailing clay, paint cleaners and compounds, pure polishes, cleaners, and car waxes. In over a century of its existence, the company’s products have gained a strong presence in the United States and rest of the world. The company’s history dates back to its humble beginnings as a furniture polishing business, established by Frank Meguiar, Jr. This gradually evolved into automobile polishing and other products and services.

Meguiar’s sons carried on the business and improved the product portfolio as well as sales revenue of the company. Its products were mostly used by car dealers, makers, and retailers. The demand for car wax during car shows led to the introduction of its professional car care lineup. Apart from car exhibitions, the company was very active in various car clubs and provided assistance to them during various events. Car care products made available by the Meguiars can be used for regular car maintenance and washing, surface enhancement, painting and extra gloss addition, and increasing the life of a car body and tires. The company also provides air fresheners and other useful products for car interiors. The Odor Eliminator, for instance, removes foul smell inside the car caused by pets, food items, and other things. This particular product is available in a 473ml bottle.

Meguiars cleaning and polishing materials help in improvement of the shine and glossy finish of a car, which normally goes away after some time. These products offer a sparkling finish without scratching or scrubbing the surface. The company also provides effective and easy-to-use leather cleaners, which are very helpful in cleaning leather upholstery - one of the trickiest things to maintain in a car . It removes tough oil and water-based stains without affecting the natural durability of leather.


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