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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Brief Review of Spray Gun Filters by Motor Guard

If you have a conventional spray gun that you want to use for applying primer and paint on your car, you will also need a good air filter like the Motor guard D12. The main purpose of these basic air filters is to ensure that the quality of air being mixed with the paint is good.

Spraying from a gun requires clean and dry air with no traces of oil or water in it. Impure air can cause fisheye and other imperfections in your paint or primer. In some cases, dust may also be sprayed along with the paint, resulting in rough spots of paint on the surface of the vehicle.

Such mistakes can cost a lot of money, but the good thing is that they are easily avoidable. With the help of professional air filters like the Motor Guard D12, you can easily avoid such slips and also at a reasonable price.

These disposable air filters remove all traces of harmful elements like water, dirt, oil, and other air contaminants that can alter the finish quality. The air that enters the filter is swirled for removing the moisture, which is collected in the baffled zone and carried away through a drain.

You also have higher quality and feature-rich air filters like the Motor Guard M30 and M60. Both of these being the same but with different CFM rating. The Motor Guard M60 has a maximum flow of 100 CFM while the M30 can deliver up to 45 CFM (CFM stands for Cubic Feet per minute).

For a spray gun to give good results, it is critical that it gets the right flow of air. If you have a number of spray guns that you use, you may find this kind of air filter more useful than a single use, disposable type. The filter and spray gun need to be in sync with one another. A lower CFM for the air gun means that there is not enough air for the paint to be atomized properly. This results in a textured finish and a smaller fan pattern.


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