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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Enhance the Lifespan of Your Vehicle and Improve its Aesthetics with Premium Auto Primers

What car owner wouldn’t like to prolong the lifespan of his or her car, while also increasing its resale value, improving its aesthetics and protecting it from corrosion in the long term? Now this ambitious goal is truly attainable, with just a little bit of help from leading manufacturers bringing us some of the most advanced auto primers, which prove to be effective rust converters. 

How could one get rid of rust once and for all?

Rust can be removed easily using a few simple tools like a small brush, a large brush, a blade, masking tape, sandpaper, a putty knife and/or a screwdriver. The loose chunks of rust are eliminated first, then the rust converter is utilized to prevent further damage. The rust killing chemical substance acts fast, turning the sprayed reddish area into a darker layer and forming an effective barrier against rust.

How can one find the right primer for automotive refinishing work?

With so many choices at hand, finding the right primer can be quite a hassle, especially for someone with zero or little experience in automotive refinishing. The best primer filler should enable the car owner to fill in small imperfections fast and effortlessly, while guaranteeing an optimal protection against rust, due to its advanced formula. Also, a great primer filler, appropriate for different materials, including metal, fiberglass and even wood surfaces, should enhance topcoat adhesion and leave the sprayed surface flat and smooth.

What are the attributes of a first-hand auto primer?

All in all, it is safe to say that the ideal catalyzed primer should display two essential attributes: a superior adhesion and an elevated corrosion resistance. A quality epoxy primer is usually applied on bare metal, while a first-class, easily sandable urethane primer can be layered over the epoxy primer and sanded down, to eliminate all imperfections.

These days, if you want to give your car a much-needed extreme makeover on time and on a budget, you can always count on top-rated products to make your job a whole lot easier, such as a reliable urethane primer, which can easily be applied on almost any kind of surface (fiberglass, iron, aluminum, prepped steel and so on) for any kind of automotive repair work, regardless of its size and complexity. The new generation of 2k primers, including the highly popular Mar-Hyde® Ultimate® 2K Primer Surfacer, deliver the promised results, wowing customers with reduced drying time, remarkable versatility and increased adhesion.


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