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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Everything You Need to Know about the Right Masking Products Required for an Automotive Repair Job

Millions of car owners who have the skills and the patience required to conduct an automotive collision damage repair project on their own choose to embrace a DIY approach, rather than opting for costly, professional services ensuring similar end results. A successful DIY method depends a great deal on the quality of the materials required by your assignment. In this case, if you want to eliminate dents and repaint your car quickly and effortlessly without any help, you will most likely need a few essential items, including sandpaper, quality masking paper, primer, quality paint, and more. Believe it or not, extremely accessible poly coated paper can make the difference between an average painting job and an amazing makeover that actually manages to preserve – and even increase – the resale value of your car. Why is this element so important? 

Purpose: Masking paper is widely used by owners who do not want to over spray their vehicle. It ensures an elevated level of protection for all areas where it is applied, as long as it is placed correctly. Quality masking paper has gradually replaced newspapers and every other ineffective, improvised barrier used in the past by owners who wanted to complete DIY automotive repair projects. The newest products guarantee a superior penetration resistance for surfaces that are not meant to be painted in the first place. All in all, masking paper keeps dust, powerful solvents, and various other factors at a distance, enabling you to attain the desired results in no time.

How to Apply It
: Using masking paper is easy. You just have to place it on the surface that you’re trying to conceal and protect, and then secure it with masking tape.

Types of Masking Paper:
There are various types of masking papers, tailored to your unique needs and requirements. In terms of size, you can find products with a width ranging from 6 inches to 5 or 7 feet. Hand masking paper is available in different colors, including white, gold, or gray.

When trying to complete an automotive repair process that requires the usage of potent solvents, it is essential to be able to count on premium masking products. Masking plastic, for instance, represents an excellent barrier against powerful solvents, with zero bleed-through incidents that might compromise the final results of your work.


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