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Friday, July 19, 2013

Fiberglass Evercoat – Innovation and Quality

Dents, dings, gouges and other imperfections on metal and plastic must be repaired correctly. While there are numerous options on the market to take care of these situations, you’ll find the Fiberglass Evercoat products more than up to pretty much any challenge you might be facing. The company offers a wide range of products, and has been a driving force in the automotive industry since the 1960s.

Metal Glaze

Got a job dealing with galvanized metal? Maybe you’re working with steel or aluminum. Perhaps you’re handling SMC or OEM paint. Regardless, you’ll find that Fiberglass Evercoat Metal Glaze products have the qualities you need for the job. It’s designed to fill in pinholes and uneven surfaces, as well as grind marks left from sanding. This two-part glazing and finishing putty system is designed to prevent bleed-through as well as staining (when used under a basecoat, or a clear coat). It’s also one of the easiest putties to sand down smooth and even, ensuring the best results on the job.


Not all painting and bodywork revolves around metal. These days, cars are comprised of a significant number of plastic pieces, from bumper covers to door trim and more. The problem is that any repair needs to be able to handle the flexing of plastic as it expands with heat and cold, as well as other factors. While many products on the market lack the ability to handle flexibility issues, that’s not the case with Fiberglass Evercoat 411 Poly-Flex. Available in a 30-ounce pump system, this putty is specifically designed to work with bumpers and other plastic components. Like the metal glaze mentioned above, Poly-Flex goes on smooth and sands easily, and can also be used as a skim coat to protect repaired areas. It can also take care of gouges, dings and scratches from sanding.


Fiberglass Evercoat 445 Spot-Lite putty is an interesting product that’s designed to meet a range of different needs. It’s a paste, but works like a pourable putty. It can also be used on sanded OEM paint, on steel and on galvanized metal equally well. It’s easily sanded and cures fast, making it a good choice for any type of spot filling need in your shop.

These are only a handful of the many Fiberglass Evercoat body filler products on offer that can make your shop faster and more productive.


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