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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Five Star Xtreme Clear Coats Shine Like OEM Products

Matching the quality and durability of OEM paint jobs requires the right products and the right tools. For auto body painters, matching (and exceeding) OEM specifications in terms of shine, luster and durability is important. It’s what builds your reputation and what keeps customers coming back and recommending your shop to their friends and family. When it comes to protecting a new paint job, the clear coat used is of the utmost importance. Five Star Xtreme Clear Coat offers outstanding results and other benefits that make it the clear choice for professional automotive painters.

Any Temperature

Every automotive painter has experienced days when it was either too hot or too cold to work with the paint. Air conditioning and heating in the shop can help here, but it’s often not enough. There will still be times when you have to put off a job until the ambient temperature changes. That’s not the case with Five Star Xtreme Clear Coat – it uses three different activators, ensuring that it can be applied (correctly) in almost any temperature. For automotive painters, that means no more delays because of hot or cold temps, and better productivity for the shop.

Applying Clear Coat

One of the things that set Five Star Xtreme Clear Coat apart from other clear coat systems on the market is the ease of application. It goes on easily and offers excellent flow and build characteristics in all temperatures and environments. Its excellent gloss , UV protection and DOI also make it stand out from the competition, offering comparable (or better) results than high-end, ultra-expensive clear coat systems. 

 Multiple Uses

Unlike some clear coat systems, Five Star Xtreme Clear Coat can be used either as a spot application or on multiple panels. Combined with that versatility is the system’s 2.1 VOC rating, which means that it complies with every VOC regulation today. It’s tough to find a more versatile paint system.

Finally, you’ll find Five Star Xtreme’s clear coat technology available in a range of products and product sizes. The company offers the Glamour HS Klearkote system, as well as the Xtreme 2.1 Clearcoat. Both systems are available in gallon or quart size, and activators are available in quart and pint sizes.

Five Star Xtreme has built a reputation for providing the highest quality and best results for less than what you’ll pay for paint from big-name companies.


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