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Monday, July 15, 2013

Fusor Adhesive Products Offer Ease of Use and Professional Results

While most consumers assume that automotive bodywork requires mostly replacing panels, professionals know that’s not always the case. In fact, a large number of jobs are actually repairs rather than outright replacements. For both vehicle owners and insurance companies, repairing a damaged body panel makes much more financial sense than replacing the entire thing in most cases, so long as the panel’s salvageable. Of course, you need the right tools when it comes to body repair. This is where the line of Fusor adhesive products comes in.

What Do Fusor Adhesive Products Do?

Actually, it might be a better idea to ask what they don’t do. They’re invaluable solutions when you need metal glue, or need a quality plastic repair adhesive. The company offers a broad range of adhesive types, as well. For instance, the Fusor Repair Adhesive Plastic Body (Heat-Set) 100EZ is an ideal application for plastic repair where the adhesive needs to be heat set in order to bond properly. The Fusor Adhesive for Metal Bonding Medium 108B is the perfect choice for body repairs where a medium-hold metal glue is required. Other options available from Fusor include their slow-set metal glue (for situations where a long set time is required), as well as their self-leveling seam sealer (fast set). 

Why Choose Fusor, Though?

There are tons of different bonding and glue products out there, all of which claim to be the best choice for bodywork. However, that doesn’t make those claims true. In point of fact, there are some rather shoddy products on the market, and the unwary body man can quickly find their work has been compromised. 

One of the things that makes Fusor products a better fit for more shops is their high workability and the professional results that they can generate. For example, Fusor Repair Adhesive Plastic Body (Heat-Set) 100EZ is ideal for repairing plastic bumpers and other plastic body pieces or trim because it’s able to be sanded to a super-smooth finish with a feather edge, and is also flexible. That ensures less prep work before painting can take place, helping you get the job done faster and your customer back on the road sooner.

Fusor adhesive products are ideal for a range of body repair situations, including hoods, fenders, doors, hatches, body panels, decks and more, and any mechanic will appreciate being able to repair plastic, metal, SMC, GTX and fiberglass, not to mention seam sealers with ease. 


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