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Friday, July 5, 2013

House of Kolor Paint Offers Myriad Shimmering Possibilities

Custom paint jobs are just the touch to set off that beautiful ride. Whether it’s a muscle car from yesteryear, a supercar from today or a home-built tuner, giving it a custom paint job is one of the most important customizations available. Of course, getting the right paint job is tough to do, particularly if the car needs to stand out from the crowd. That’s where House of Kolor paint products comes in. You’ll find these innovative products add more than just a little shimmer to your customers’ cars.

Building from the Bottom Up

While most automotive paint systems use a primer and then a top coat, you’ll find that it’s a little different with House of Kolor. The company’s line of Shimrin Basecoat products is the logical place to start building up the unique paint job your customers want. You’ll find a broad range of color options in the basecoat category, including gold, silver, grey, Stratto Blue, Lapis Blue, Nova Orange, Planet Green, Pavo Purple, Cinder Red, black, Meteor Maroon, Zenith Gold and white.
The interesting thing about these basecoats is that unlike black or grey primer, they’re colored, and they’re designed to add iridescent shimmer and sparkle to the finished paint job. The basecoat system works hand in hand with House of Kolor Kandys and House of Kolor Urethane Kandys. Apply your customer’s choice of Kandys to the Shimrin Basecoat, and you get a unique fusion of the two. Different Kandys react differently with each House of Kolor basecoat paint, giving you the ability to explore an incredible range of color and effect options.

Additional House of Kolor Paint Products

Of course, no automotive paint job ends with the top coat. It needs to be protected and sealed against the elements. That’s true with OEM paint, but doubly true for custom paint jobs. Thankfully, House of Kolor offers a range of other products, including House of Kolor Klears and House of Kolor reducers and hardeners to ensure that every paint job has the protection it needs to look great for years to come. There are also undercoat products available – primer sealers to offer the best possible results.

House of Kolor paints can provide the unique look, style and shimmer that your auto body shop customers demand, and the range of paint systems ensures that every customer will find something they love.


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