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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How to Find the Best Sandpaper for Your Car Bodywork

If you think it’s time to increase the resale value of your vehicle, or to simply work on its aesthetics, a well-done paint job can help you attain your end goal quickly and effortlessly. However, you should know that this assignment is often very complex and labor-intensive, and it requires only 5-star products – like for instance premium paint, a quality primer, and the adequate type of sandpaper. In case you want to conduct a DIY project, it is crucial to know how to identify the best type of sandpaper, enabling you to obtain flawless, durable results in record time.

Why should I sand down my vehicle before painting it?

Recent studies indicate that specialists working in the paint department usually spend one third of their time trying to sand a specific area and prep it for the new coat of paint. Excellent sandpaper introduced by a reputable manufacturer will help you save time and money, while allowing you to take pride in outstanding results. Quality sandpaper will allow you to correct all imperfections, eliminate stains, and obtain an appealing, professional finish that will make your car look like new. Norton abrasives eliminate the first layers of paint, increasing the adherence of the new coat of paint and favoring long-lasting, positive effects. Most car owners are puzzled when it comes to deciding what grid of top-quality sandpaper they should use before repainting their vehicles. Experts advise us to start by using a 80-grit sandpaper in order to eliminate rust and handle deep scars and leaving a scratch that can be easily filled by using any good filling primer. After completing this phase, one should opt for 120 or 180 grit sandpaper for effective rust-stain removal. Later on, use a 320-grit sandpaper to complete the job and leave it smooth and clean before applying a good quality primer.

Opt for a superior product offering numerous benefits in the long term

When using a top-rated product, such as the popular Norton discs, you should expect to profit from numerous important benefits, including:
-Increased durability
-Elevated flexibility
-Increased performance
-Decreased finishing costs
-Cooler/quicker cut displaying an increased longevity
-Enhanced grain adhesion
-Fast, flexible, trouble-free removal correlated with an enhanced tear resistance
- Extreme versatility (Norton sandpaper is recommended for any type of automotive refinishing work, without requiring the presence of special abrasives)


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