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Monday, July 1, 2013

How to Get Rid of Dents and Improve the Looks of Your Car with Body Filler

Numerous car owners are forced to deal with dents and various other imperfections that are minor and do not justify the effort of opting for professional services offered by an auto repair shop. Even so, the flaws are out there, and can become a real obsession for those who would do just about anything to keep their cars shining like a new penny. Undoubtedly, a time- and cost-effective DIY project involving a premium fiberglass filler is the best solution to this problem, requiring only a few basic elements (sandpaper, quality body filler, a flexible and rigid plastic spreader, primer, and of course, lots of patience and determination).

The process could be easily completed in a few hours by simply following a few simple steps.

First Step: Prepare the area using sandpaper. This way, you will remove the old layers of paint and smooth out the entire surface, preparing it for the next phase. In most cases, 180-grit sandpaper is an ideal choice. If you are dealing with multiple dents, it is advisable to mark them properly.

Second Step: Mix your body filler with the creme hardener, according to the instructions written on the automotive filler can. After obtaining the final mix, make sure to use it as soon as possible (in less than 5 minutes), as its lifespan is limited.

Third Step: Apply the Bondo filler on the damaged surface. Make sure that you cover the affected area properly, and don’t hesitate to spread some filler in the proximity of the affected spot. This way, the end result will be flawless and uniform.

Fourth Step: Use a sanding block to obtain a smooth surface. In case you’ve missed a spot, just repeat the first three steps until you attain the desired results.

Fifth Step: Carefully apply spot putty using a plastic spreader, then sand down the affected area until you finally obtain a perfectly flat area without any flaws. As soon as all of these steps are completed, your job is half done and you can start applying the primer.

It is essential to count on first-class body filler, such as Marson Platinum filler, to ensure quality, durable, waterproof repairs for areas with holes and other imperfections (smaller than half an inch in size).


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