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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Make the Most of Surface Care Products

Designed to Enhance the Aesthetics of Your Vehicle

   These days, car owners who want to keep their vehicles in excellent condition for a long period of time count on an effective beauty routine based on a new generation of surface care products, introduced to the market by leading providers who are well-known for their technological breakthroughs and achievements. From the common car wash shampoo and conditioner to the professional detailing clay and ultimate wax, all these compounds play an important part, guaranteeing an increased level of protection against contaminants and risk factors and a one-of-a-kind glow for any automobile.

   Professional detailing clay is designed to remove even the most persistent contaminants. This product can be utilized before polishing your car, to obtain an appealing, long-lasting glow.

Meguiars M3401 Final Inspection is as useful as a magnifying glass, for car owners trying to evaluate the final results of a recent painting job or to spot minor defects that always become visible after applying the wipe-off auto detailer introduced by Meguiars, a leading company delivering a generous selection of first-class surface care products. Use this ingenious solution to obtain the distinctive shine of a much-appreciated show car.

   Car waxes come in a great variety of colors, combinations and forms (paste or liquid). All professional car waxes have one thing in common: they enhance the beauty of any automobile almost instantly, making the color seem more intense and ensuring a unique glow and a superior gloss protection due to a formula based on wax, polymers and silicone. The Ultimate wax from Meguiars wows users with a superior protection, elevated reflectivity, hassle-free, fast application and removal, enabling them to give their cars a truly remarkable extreme makeover without investing a fortune in the process.

   Paint cleaners are based on different formulas, with more or less pronounced abrasive properties, used to eliminate a long list of defects, like for instance, water spots, while also lubricating the entire surface in order to avoid scratching.

   Pure polishes bring back the initial clarity and unique brilliance that made you fall in love with your car in the first place. The highly effective polish introduced by Meguiars is suitable for various types of surfaces, including plastic and fiberglass. If you are looking for that smooth touch adding real value to your car, Ultimate Polish, the superior product launched by Meguiars, is the perfect alternative at hand. It will help you get rid of fine swirls, while giving you the chance to generate the envy of all the other drivers with the glossy reflections of your vehicle.


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