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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Masking Paper for Overspray Prevention

Have you ever wondered how car manufacturers and auto repair workshops perfectly paint a vehicle?

One of the common issues that spoil the look of a car is overspray, which is when paint is accidentally sprayed over areas it's not intended for. When you see overspray in a car, it is safe to assume that an amateur has painted the car.

If you have never painted a car before, you may find it difficult to avoid overspray. However, it is not very difficult to prevent this, especially when you use masking paper or masking plastic.

Masking paper is, quite simply, paper that can be stuck to different parts of the car where you do not want to apply paint. You stick it to the surface using masking tape, and then you can spray paint evenly across the surface of the car, including the part where you have stuck the masking paper. After the paint dries, simply remove the masking paper. You will find that the metal surface underneath is untouched by paint.

Masking paper can prove to be quite useful when you want to apply multiple coats to your car. A particular amount of masking paper is required in every paint job, irrespective of the number of color coatings. The windshield, wipers, and wiper drains, and side and rear windows are areas that should always be covered by masking paper when the car is being painted. Other areas include the tires, headlights, and taillights.

The effectiveness of masking paper depends on a number of factors including size. Masking paper is generally available in various sizes, and you need to choose the size based on   the part of the car you are covering.

Windshields, for instance, require a larger paper than headlights. Another important factor is the type of adhesion. The masking paper should stick strongly enough to prevent the paint from bleeding, which can result in uneven edges.


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