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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Opt for Durablock Sanding Blocks for Your Next Job

   Sanding is required in a wide range of auto body repair and refinishing processes. Filler must be sanded down, primer must be smoothed out, adhesive has to be sanded, and much more. For auto body repair professionals, having the right sanding tools is incredibly important. While there are many different options on the market, few compare to the utility and versatility of Durablock sanding blocks. Block sanding offers quite a few advantages over plain paper, and these sanding pads really help cut through tough jobs.

Why They Work

   Why do so many body shops choose to use Durablock sanding tools? Simply put, they perform when and how you need them to. Not only that, but they’re manufactured from durable, high-density EVA foam to ensure the best grip, good comfort and that the blocks can conform to a variety of different surface types. There are also round, teardrop and specialty blocks designed specifically for surfaces that flat pads or blocks won’t work on.

Choose Your Option

    One of the first things you’ll discover about Durablock sanding blocks and pads is that they’re available in a broad range of styles, sizes and configurations. For instance, the Durablock AF4406 is teardrop shaped, allowing you to get into a wide variety of areas where a traditional square-edged block would be next to useless. The Durablock AF4404 is round, with a one-inch diameter, making it the perfect choice for difficult to reach contours and curves where flat pads and paper just won’t do.

   For those who need a lot of capabilities in a single package, the Durablock AF44L 7-piece kit offers a lot of functionality. These are soft blocks, designed for wet or dry use, and there’s a selection of different styles and sizes in the kit to ensure you have what you need to get the job done right. Blocks are included for flat as well as contoured surfaces. 

   While Durablock sanding tools won’t replace your discs, wheels and pads, they do an excellent job of making tough sanding an easier prospect, especially for areas where wheels and pads can’t reach. You’ll be surprised at just how much time they can eliminate from frustrating sanding jobs. And because all block sanding tools are designed to be used by hand, there’s no need to purchase additional power equipment (cost savings are always important for automotive body shops).


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