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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Plastic sheeting- The Basics

Plastic sheeting is a common process used in auto repair shops. It has a purpose similar to that of masking paper, except that it is larger than most masking papers.

Many car owners use plastic sheeting to protect their car when they are keeping it away for a long time.

In auto repair, these sheets are used to protect the car from overspray. This seemingly simple function may not look like much, but it saves hours and even days of work. With plastic sheeting in pace, the overspray does not get over any of the fresh paint, as a result of which you have to do less color sanding and buffing.

You can find a number of plastic sheeting brands in the market today in different measurements. The standard width is 12 feet, though the length may vary. Some of the best brands of plastic sheeting include Fiberglass Evercoat, USC Shark Skin, and Five Star plastic sheeting. Five Star also offers complete wheel maskers.

In addition, plastic sheets are used to protect the car from bad weather, especially rains. Unlike masking paper, plastic sheets are generally bigger and typically cover larger portions of the car. Some plastic sheeting types come with adhesive, but in most cases, you have to rely on masking tape to stick the sheeting to the surface of the vehicle.

If you are using plastic sheeting while painting the car, you should make sure that the sheet does not touch the freshly painted surfaces, else moisture can build up and spoil the look of your car. Additionally, contact between the sheeting and surface could cause paint discoloration and rust. Overall, plastic sheeting is a useful process to keep your car clean and well- maintained.


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