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Monday, July 22, 2013

Why Choose Norton Champagne Abrasives for Your Bodywork?

Sanding is important in bodywork – whether you’re prepping a repaired vehicle for painting, or you’re working on a refinish project. While many shops take the view that “sandpaper is sandpaper”, that’s not true. The results speak for themselves – Norton Champagne sandpaper is the higher quality option for body shops everywhere (and it can be used in almost any other application as well). Billed as “the best sandpaper on the planet"), you might be surprised at just how easily it lives up to the title.

Cut Rate and Temperature Considerations

In the world of automotive bodywork, there are two qualities of paramount importance when it comes to sandpaper. Those are the sandpaper’s cut rate and its temperature handling ability. The faster the sandpaper cuts, the less time you’ll spend sanding overall. The cooler the sandpaper runs, the longer it will last. You’ll find that Norton abrasives give you the best of both worlds, with a faster cut and cooler running temperatures than other options on the market.

In fact, Norton abrasives offer up to 50% faster cut rate in comparison to other products on the market, thanks to its premium, heat-treated grain. The heat-treating does more than just offer a high cut rate, though. It extends the life of the sandpaper by making it more heat resistant overall. Spending less money on sandpaper is certainly a benefit that shops will enjoy.

No Color Transfer

Some sandpaper (even products made especially for the automotive market) have pigments and dyes in them. That can lead to color transfer, which just makes more work for you. Norton auto body sand paper contains no pigments at all, which eliminates the problem of color transfer, and the strong bond between the grit and the paper offers the longest lifespan available.

FEPA P-Graded Grain

Norton Champagne abrasives feature the highest quality, FEPA P-graded grain. This is an important factor, as it ensures the most consistent scratch pattern possible. Uniform scratch patterns help eliminate uneven, deep grooving that causes problems with bodywork, but that’s not an issue with Norton sandpaper.

Easy Removal

Finally, you won’t struggle to get the disc off the sander with Norton Champaign sandpaper. The backing is made with premium B-weight latex, which offers both better performance, and more flexibility, allowing you to remove the disc easily for replacement when it finally wears out (which will take a long, long time).


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