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Friday, August 30, 2013

Fiberglass Evercoat 77 Non-silicone Dressing the safe solution for your detailing needs

A home owner spends a fortune to ensure his environment is appealing and is conducive. He does this to uphold the initial appearance of the homestead. He knows that the first appearance of the exterior of the home will reflect on the perception of any visiting guest what to expect in the house and, so he will use every resource obtainable to maintain the premises. Car owners are emulating this trend by ensuring that the exterior of their vehicles look appealing to onlookers. They take this as a source of pride. Gone are days when the engine was the most vital car accessory maintained.

However, with significant technological advancements and a reciprocal rejoinder by automobile lovers, the niche of auto maintenance has made significant advancements. Nowadays, most people are not only concerned with the efficiency of their vehicles, but also value the appearance and the feel of them. This is the stage where Fiberglass Evercoat 77 Non-Silicone Dressing steps in. The industry offers a range of services encompassing exterior car arts, polishing services and other paint treatment services.

The steady increase in world population and the rise of well travelled and educated middle class has spurred the overall economic growth and this has led to proliferation of ownership of cars. This has consequently led to an upsurge of automobile firms that offer all functions related to car maintenance. This has also stimulated the need for high quality car body enhancement formulas to conform to the stiff competition.

 The invention of Fiberglass Evercoat 77Non-Silicone Dressing has shone light where currently there was darkness and it continues to dictate proceedings in the auto industry. If you are looking for all-purpose merchandise that stores color and gloss to outer rubber, trim and faded vinyl, then you are in the right column. The good point about the product is that it’s not vulnerable to extreme weather conditions and will play a pivotal role in protecting your car from external variables. Fiberglass Evercoat 77 Non-Silicone Dressing will confiscate any foreign obstacle that may ruin your car body and render it incapable.

The fact that it contains zero silicone and is safe to use has seen potential customers scrambling for it. This rush for gold has seen the prosperity of these farms and they continue providing the best. It is also best for use as a tire dressing. The absence of silicone, toxins and petroleum distillates makes it non-combustible thus reducing the risk of your premises catching fire. No-silicone aspect and other elements also eliminate the chances of corrosion. Silicone based products should never be used on engine compartments as they have grave effects and your car can cease action.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


These days, everyone wants to be on the top cover of magazines and newspapers and win many awards as possible. The first dream after this achievement is probably to own an elite car that the market can offer. The main factor when looking to purchase a car is the quality, which encompasses precision and quality of materials used. The outer appearance of your car will play a vital part in the overall quality and that will attract photographers who will want to use it as a marketing tool. A car with a scratched surface however may never attract a prospective buyer. But what makes a car photogenic? The obvious answer is the final polish that makes it glow. So if you own one of the elite cars there is a product called Presta Ultra polish 1500 that is the talk of town today.

Presta Ultra polish 1500 133532 eliminates minor outer surface defects, oxidation from old and new paints, maritime and gel coatings. It is free from silicone, waxes and fillers that hide spots and this attribute is what makes it so superior. For the best results, use machine to press it on the surface. An exceptionally high-gloss finish that is corrosion free is achieved by utilizing this product. Manufacturers highly recommended that it be done after compounding

You can be a great painter or art work designer, but if the paint falls short of the required standards, then everything that you have invested comes down, that’s why you have to procure the best in the market. Adhering to details is essential for rapid success that why players have put Presta Ultra polish to test and it has met the threshold. This product is now on top of the game because of the end result guarantee.

The product is capable of protecting your car for over 30 days as your paint dries up. It can also be polished over 24 hour clear coat and single stage finishes. It ultimately produces a high quality gloss shine and makes detailing easy and fast. It naturally separates, so ensure you shake well to achieve consistency.

Among the various products used to enhance the final appearance of your car, presta ultra polish ranks among the most important. As people say the final finish is what make a brilliant product, this product should be taken seriously as it will determine whether someone will purchase it or not. Presta Ultra polish 1500 boasts of numerous advantages including enhanced smoothness, uniform texture and rich glossy appearance.

Therefore the presta polish you choose for your car should meet the details described if you are aspiring to have a car that stands out from the rest. So next time when looking at enhancing your car appearance opt for Presta Ultra polish 1500 for flawless results.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


So many theories about cars have emerged since the initial discovery. Others assert that the design of a car’s painting system speaks more about the driver than the actual vehicle itself. Most of the drivers on roads today were born during the car revolution age and this has really gotten into their heads. To them,  a car without a painting system is considered out of fashion. They customize their cars in weird ways that look very sinister. Others have the ability of transforming the most boring cars to the coolest on the marketplace. The most integral part of paint choice is to select a format that compliments personality and the car itself.

The latest craze in the automobile word is semi-gloss appearance. The creators have utilized Fiberglass Evercoat 56 finish wax to achieve this consistency. This is basically a durable cream wax that is formulated to improve the initial brilliance and color depth. For those who are newbie in the motor industry and probably it is your first car, this polish is the best for you as it is perfect for new vehicle preparation or custom maintenance. It works brilliantly for all categories of cured paint finishes therefore flexibility is achieved. As opposed to other polishes, it has substantial amounts of silicone. Silicone in most occasions enhances the gloss finish seen in most vehicles.

The best thing about the semi-gloss finish is that it goes well with majority of paintings and it is not exaggerated. Exaggeration can sometimes destroy the appearance of your car, so it is recommended that polishing be done in moderation. The fact Fiberglass Evercoat 56 finish wax is durable; it can give you sufficient time to rest before you do the next polishing thus saving you some money that can be channeled to useful economic activities.

Bright colors like red, blue and yellow are highly suggested for your paintings as they improve the overall look of your car. When doing the processes of washing, painting and polishing, you need to be cautious of your personal heath. Though these products may be safe to use, over-exposure may bring some rare complication, so it is prudent that you wear a respiratory mask prior to the task.

Always ensure that before you commence any activity to enhance the appearance, the car’s surface is be well cleaned. This is because dust adversely affects the quality of polish and can have a negative impact on the final outcome of the work. Before applying the clear coat always ensure that you add the flattening agent to reduce the shinny finish and develop the flat outlook. A word of advice- to achieve consistency, use products from the same supplier and certainly your work will come out as desired.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fiberglass Evercoat Lubri Shine 52 the key to thriving in a competitive Auto Body environment

Most full time employees searching for complete and ready to be used business prospect quickly turn to car washing, painting and polishing. This is a business that is highly believed to run itself with a few responsibilities for the proprietor to do but stock the necessary supplies and literally amass the money. The reality on the ground is rather different. This is majorly because setting up such a business requires constant deliberations and creating a professional and polished business blueprint. An extensive strategy is needed before one oversees the first car roll in the business, largely because establishing such a business requires top notch resources to compete in the competitive market. One of the main resources you cannot operate without is the product used for the final finish of the car as this is the main important function in such businesses. We are proud to introduce to you Fiberglass Evercoat lubri shine 52.

This merchandise is perfect for a finishing wipe down to accomplish a luminous show car look. This formula is manufactured devoid of silicone components which easily and quickly eliminate blotch finger print, complex dust and other finishing deposits. For those who didn’t know, it is a perfect lubricant for clay magic. It is wax and silicone free and this gives it the superior qualities.

Fiberglass evercoat lubri shine 52 guarantees results because when purchased, it comes along with a defect warranty from the manufacturer. If it doesn’t work well, you are at liberty to contact the manufacturer for possible refund.

 From the historical view point, Evercoat, which was previously referred to as Fibber Glass-Evercoat was founded in the year 1953. The company entered the professional market in the year 1955. It started on a low key but today, it is one of the major players in the auto industry. This is proof that this company has been in operation for a long period of time and so it offers products that clients want to associate with. This is to enlighten you to only buy products from renown companies that can guarantee quality products rather than the road side companies that are out there to flees your hard earned cash.

The 21st century has come with significant growth in technology and manufacturing companies are leveraging on this to modify their products and come up with even better products that achieve results in real time. Before making the big step to open such business, evaluate the market dynamics as there are already established businesses and you will have to compete with the same available resources. The only guarantee to navigate the market is to stay with these quality products.

Monday, August 26, 2013


Auto repair services have grown exponentially and they are quickly becoming lucrative due to the sheer number of vehicles available on the roads. Expanding the auto repair service industry does not need massive expenditure. The most important thing is to stay tuned to industrial trends and embrace the new technology fully. Growing car complexity has played an integral role in stimulating the repair industries as the owners ultimately require high-end services that compliment with the status of their cars. To control a large market share, the auto repair companies have resorted to liaising with car dealers and this has enabled them break even before of the mid financial month.

For owners of these high end vehicles, a perfect looking automobile is what they crave for, so they will use every available resource to ensure that their cars maintain the original gloss. Some choose to visit the garage. For sparkling results Presta Ultra cutting cream 131905 dictates proceedings. It is an aggressive cutting crème created to eradicate 1200-grit and advanced sand scratches from old and soft paint. This superior combination makes compounding a lot easier. This product is also the perfect solution for harshly oxidized and weathered coatings.

For those with gel coated surfaces, this product is fits the profile. Presta Ultra cutting cream has the ability to cure fine sand scratched surfaces and leave a glossy finish. The main selling point is that it doesn’t contain silicones and waxes and it reinstates surface shine to maritime coatings and gel coats. It is also devoid of fillers that cover scratches.

Before beginning on this procedure, it is essential that you determine the severity of the defects of the scratches and the repair companies will do this for you. The experts will do the sanding on the scratched part and after uniformity has been achieved, the compounding is the next step. For best results it is recommended that you use a black twisted 100% wall pad. The cream is then applied on the surface and buffed at speed of 1880 to 2200 RPM. It is then buffed slowly and consistently until the scratch disappears. Give the final polish with a soft piece of cloth to acquire a glossy appearance.

The good thing about Presta Ultra cutting cream is that you only need one application to guarantee results, thus it has been termed as economical. It removes all horizontal and vertical sand scratches with ease. It is also capable of easily eliminating heavy scratches and hook marks. It boasts of finer abrasives, aggressive enough for light to medium defect removal and enables the product to transition to a polishing mode faster thus saving a lot of time. A clean microfiber cloth is used to give the final gloss.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Presta 133632 Swirl Remover is the NEW Big thing in the Auto world

Fascination with cars often begins with what catches your eyesight. The first impression is what motivates one in selecting an automobile. Manufacturers and distributors alike learned in advance that consumers purchase with eyes. There is the old adage that goes,’ don’t judge a book by its cover ‘but the truth is that color and quality of an automobile’s finish plays a vital role in cajoling a customer to buy. Finishing an automobile blends mechanical procedures with arty talent and may be an expensive and time consuming activity. Almost three quarters of the overall cost of the automotive goes to the painting system. Painting is a painful process that builds up to the final polishing and requires a lot of charisma and precision.

In light of this, automobile enhancement products are seemingly being manufactured with the finest technology to realize remarkable end products. All activities are centered towards producing a high end product that saves energy, time and other costs tied to the enhancement of the automobile. One of the most sought innovations that have taken the industry by storm is the Presta 133632 swirl remover. This product has been developed specifically to eliminate swirls from cured and fresh paint exteriors, thus resulting to a high gloss appearance. Preeminent results from heavy and cured swirls can be attained by beginning with compounding and then employing the swirl remover.

The notable merit of Presta swirl remover is that it is fast and works at greater speeds so time management will not be an issue in case you stumble upon a client who is time conscious. The good thing is that only one application can make the difference hence it is branded more economical. Its ability to eliminate swirls is almost unstoppable. Some clients who have already worked with the product have sent feedbacks lamenting that they have been able to get rid of serious defects using this product.

Automobile companies and private dealers who have embraced Presta swirl remover have managed to navigate murky markets and established a name. These days, they frequent beaches, pinacolada in hand while money flows to their respective bank accounts. This is because they are well established and have repeat customers. They have employed people to do the work and so they don’t work anymore.

For those contemplating using this product, it is time they move with speed before the party is over. Due to Presta swirl remover’s success stories, it has enjoyed a large market share and brought decent returns to proprietors. With no strong opposition in sight, it is poised to dominate the market share for years to come. Watch this space

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vital Points you need to know about Fiberglass Evercoat Clay Magic

Anyone who buys a car enjoys the natural brand new appearance and their wish is that the condition stays that way for years to come. Unfortunately, this comes to pass because within few months, the car acquires unavoidable scratches, dust and oil stains. Wearing out of the body of the vehicle is an ordinary occurrence that leaves an unpleasant appearance on the car. Polish application assists reinstate the glossy appearance to your automobile and makes it admirable. To perform this function efficiently, the polish must contain vital components which react to eliminate dust, oil, grime and the minor scratches that evolve.

It is important to appreciate the dissimilarity between a car polish and a car wax. An impervious and shiny finish is provided by a car wax. It is not capable of removing scratches as it lacks abrasive agents. The presence of abrasive elements in a polish gives it the capability to remove scratches. An example of a car polish gaining popularity among car owners is the Fiberglass Evercoat clay magic 1200/2200. It contains hydrocarbon components that assist in eliminating oil marks, grime and dust and the abrasive component in the polish takes care of the scratches. The abrasive element in the polish functions by eradicating a thin coat of paint. The brand new appearance is achieved since only a thin coat of pain is eliminated.   

Fiberglass Evercoat clay magic has the following key features that put it above the rest:

·       It is user friendly. It  is non toxic and safe to use on fiberglass, glass, chrome and paint

·       Easily and quickly eliminates exterior contaminants, for example, rail heat dust, industrial fallouts, tar and bugs.

·       The medium grade eradicates heavy and moderate surface contaminants

·       The fine grades also eradicate heavy and moderate surface contaminants.

The consistency of Fiberglass Evercoat clay magic can be adjusted in case someone prefers a finish that is not so glossy. Flexibility is what most car owners crave for and this product provides just that. So this is a good reason to utilize it for your needs.

Wax ingredient in a polish always leaves a glossy effective and this is incorporated to give it this unique characteristic. The product is available in different varieties so you are not restricted to one product and thus satisfaction is guaranteed. It also comes in a variety of forms, for instance, tins and sprays and this offers the much needed flexibility as you may need to the job in your homestead. The ingredients of the polish and the body of the car complement each other that is why they stay bonded for a long time. The next time your go for a shopping spree or take your car for enhancement make sure you prioritize fiberglass evercoat clay magic.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What is so unique about Fiberglass Evercoat 56 Finish Wax ?

Even with robust outer finishing and other more climate-resilient formulations, car paints are now subjected to persistent blitz by strong acids in the atmosphere, scotching sun rays, debris thrown up from highways and tar. With time, even best paints from original car manufactures will build defects; haze and swirls which play a role in making you vehicle diminish in luster. At this juncture, your thoughts will be directed towards visiting an auto garage to restore the sheen.

With this trend, many car owners will end up in auto garage to uphold the initial appearance. As a proud owner of a car, this prolonged visit to auto garage may not be a good idea considering the costs involved in restoring the appearance of your car. Even if you are contemplating selling your car in the near future, you will need to keep it in good shape to guarantee handsome returns as no potential customer will agree to purchase devalued merchandise. To achieve meaningful returns, you will have to make a big decision by embracing Fiberglass Evercoat 56 finish wax which is an aggressive product specifically formulated to eliminate 2000-4000 sand scratches, swirls and complex haze.

With this formula, you are assured of swift-free and high-gloss finish. Fiberglass evercoat 56 finish wax is also ideal for finessing even color shades. It is used in conjunction with wool or form pad. Another attribute is that it is more flexible as it can be applied in almost all kinds of paint finishes, body shop secure and it doesn’t contain waxes and silicones which might be detrimental in the long run.

Technological research has given this product a clean bill of health in terms of user friendly. It is free from dangerous substances that can be detrimental to overall health of the user. It appears that auto industry players have huge appetite for this resource and this has been witnessed by the diminishing supplies which are replenished frequently. This shows the confidence this product has received and it is the best bet to achieve desired results.

Automotive waxes and polishes come in different shapes and sizes and sometimes, it can be very confusing. So you are advised to find experts in this niche who can guide you and recommend legitimate products that will give you quality results. The market these days is filled with quacks that will pounce at any available opportunity and scam you. There are sites that you can visit to discover more insights about a particular product and compare the price range. But if the choice is between fiberglass evercoat 56 finish wax and other polishes, my best bet is fiberglass evercoat.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why use Astro smart eraser 400E ?

The auto industry has gained tremendously due to proliferation of a young middle and rich class demographic who are competing to show their prowess by acquiring hind-end cars that conform to the modern society. This high-end experience comes with huge costs of repair and maintenance. Time has also become a precious aspect to these young minds and they do not want to spend a lot of it doing the routine maintenance of their cars; and if they choose to pay homage to a mechanic, they want the problem fixed at the shortest time possible. This prospect has stimulated the influx of disposable and quick to use products that take the shortest time possible to complete.

One such product that has gone viral is the Astro smarteraser 400E pad. It is a type of solid eraser material which is a labor and cost-effective answer for stripping off stickers or pinstripping.  The key features of this product are underlined below:

·        It was invented to radically reduce time wasted on stripping off double faced tapes, adhesives and pinstripes.

·        It is quick and easy to use

·        The pad size is 4’’

·        Maximum speed of 4000 RPM

·        It’s basically a molded rubber with 5/16’’- 24 thread arbor

·        It is designed for use with 533ED or 1208.

According to statistics, this innovative product has been proved to offer remarkable results. If you have never tried it, this is the optimal time to save your quality time to do more important business that will add value to your life. With Astro smart eraser 400E pad, your experience will never be the same again as you as there will be no room for getting your hands dirty.

The good point about this product is that it can work without destroying your paint. Painting your car apparently painstakingly takes a longer time and massive resources and you will not want a process that will require additional input from your pocket.

Marketing tendencies in the automotive world has seen a major shift from just showcasing the model of the car, the final gloss plays a major role in determining which car to purchase. This has necessitated manufactures and dealers to go to the internet and find the best options to meet this new demand. Buyers are nowadays resting on reviews on websites and blogs to get the most information about these products. The manufacturers of astro smart eraser 400e have scored highly in this domain as the websites are busting with positive feedbacks.

Due to its massive utility, the manufacturers of these products have liaised with their downlines and now the distribution chain is streamlined. You can just order the product and with a buzz, it will be at your door step.

Monday, August 19, 2013


A new- fangled high-tech decade has quickly unfolded and enterprises are invigorating themselves to keep up to speed with the new trends and developing new products to reach the absolute pinnacle of the game. Giant automotive companies are initiating strategic plans to alleviate any threats that the competitors may pose. They are even planting credibility by citing the strongest points of their merchandize.

The auto industry has become a victim of grisly road accidents in the world; consequently, vehicles have ended up with body parts destroyed or separated. Tradition welding has for the years been the remedy for fixing these parts back. 3M unleashed panel bonding adhesive to the collision repair world and was well received by the industry players and it quickly became a household name. The selling point of this product that really rocked the world was the in-built corrosive inhibitors. This technically meant that it was resistant to any form of corroding chemical.

3M has done it again by inventing an adhesive remove, 3madhesive remover 8984, to be specific. This product is new in the market and it is already causing ripples. The invention was necessary because customers were finding it difficult to remove a bonded panel in case they wanted to replace it again. Initially, they employed heat at temperatures of about 400F, but the end result was not eye appealing. That’s why the major players had to go back to the drawing board to get their acts right. Nowadays, cars cannot get along without this adhesive remover due to its impeccable results.

3M adhesive remover 8984 is a unique blended solvent that will give you the best results. It gives you easy clean ups of all kinds of adhesives. When you use it properly, it will not damage most utterly cured paints, fabrics and vinyl. In addition,  it has the ability to eliminate grease, oil, waxes and road tars.

This adhesive remover is widely used in car exteriors. One important thing you should know is that after use of the adhesive remover on the body of your car, make sure you polish it up with some sort of car polish as it doesn’t have an effect on the paint or clear coat. This product is vastly superior to other to other adhesive removers. It doesn’t leave an oily residue like other products as it evaporates clean away.

Racing cars highly utilize 3M adhesive remover 8984 as it works flawlessly by eradicating rubber stains that they pick up during competitions. This product is enormously used in industries where image is everything; for instance yachting, as it removes all the marks without leaving any further destruction. So if you are contemplating saving time and effect and still get a perfect result, then 3M adhesive remover 8984 is the perfect bet.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Norton Champagne Abrasives - The Best Quality Sandpaper in the Market

Abrasives are an important tool in an auto body repair shop. As an end user, all you see on your brand new car is the paint, gloss and a top coat. However, all the hard work that has actually gone into a fine paint job is done by abrasives such as sandpapers that are used to buff, sharpen, cut, smoothen and scrap metallic parts of a vehicle.

One of the premier sandpapers on the market is by Norton. It uses top quality raw material for sandpaper production and the difference between Norton Sandpapers and the other regular ones flooding the market is apparent with just one use. Because it is used regularly and more frequently by an auto repairer for almost every kind of automobile repair, the durability and coarseness of a sandpaper are two factors that matter the most. In case of Norton Champagne Sandpapers, both these criteria are easily met.

What makes Norton Sandpapers ‘the best sandpapers on the planet?’ Let’s look at a few attributes that are worthy of praise.

·        Unlike other papers, Norton sandpapers are 30%-50% sharper making them ideal for cutting jobs.

·        They resist heat well. (This feature keeps the sandpaper cool even after rigorous rubbing making the paper last longer.

·        They are made with special ‘heat treated’ grain.

·        Because they cut faster, less paper is used in every job making them last longer, increasing utility and efficiency.

·        Norton Sandpapers are treated for repelling pigmentation. This attribute helps with grain adhesion to the paper, which is a No.1 sign of good quality.

·        It comes in various shapes and sizes, such as circular disc, thin rolls and even single sheets, keeping in mind the kind of surface that will be rubbed.

·        Norton Abrasives are suitable for multipurpose use, so even though they are made for the automobile industry, they can be used in woodwork and fiberglass repair.

Apart from these features, Norton Abrasives can also be distinguished by grade. For example, Premium B weight latex gives superior flexibility so it can be used for tasks that require flexible usage while FEPA P grade gives a consistent and uniform finish, thereby being useful for jobs that require high precision.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fiberglass Evercoat Spot Putty - Not a Scratch of Imperfection

The Auto Body Repair industry has been undergoing an accelerated growth in recent years. In part, this growth can be attributed to rising incomes in households and an increase in automotive investment in general. The more people invest in fancy vehicles, the more they spend on keeping them in good shape.

A number of aspects come under the umbrella of Auto Body Repair. These include servicing of inner parts, maintenance of the exterior, glossing up the exterior and elaborate paint jobs. While these services come with a price tag, they are necessary to keep your car in good shape and get returns on investment if you decide to sell it later on.

Either way, auto body repair has become an industry in itself that is now being cashed upon by car accessory manufacturers. These companies develop high quality products that serve specific purposes and cater to various needs of professional repairers and even individuals who like to give their cars a touch of their own.

One such brand, Evercoat, is renowned for its innovation in the range of car maintenance products. These products are designed to help users complete various small tasks that have to be done before a car surface is sanded and painted. Spot Putty by Evercoat is one such product that. However, other similar products, spot putty takes care of the much finer scratches and dents that show through even after a body filler is applied and thorough sanding is done.

Have you ever felt that your car has some dents that are minor, but show through in broad daylight? Evercoat Spot Putty is just the product to fix this problem. Spot putty comes in a small handy pump bottle that can be used easily. From the texture of the mixture to the final look and feel of the spot putty, the excellent quality of the materials used reflects through. Some of the benefits of the Evercoat products:
  • Applies easily and effortlessly
  • Easy to mix with cream hardner
  • Spreads very smoothly and thinly
  • Easy sanding
  • No Pinholes
  • Mix only what you need
  • No Shrinking

Above all, Fiber Glass Spot Putty has a number of variants that can be used according to your requirements and the specifications of the surface in question. Two of the best ones are Fiberglass Evercoat 421 Easy Sand Pump and Fiberglass Evercoat 471 Glaze Coat.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Durability, Efficiency and Quality- The Best an Adhesive Can Offer

Auto body repair is an interesting career choice. Gone are the days when auto repair was looked upon as a menial job. Today, it is one of the most technologically advanced and thriving sectors of the economy that is characterized by creativity, cutting edge machinery and high precision equipment that is specifically designed for auto body repair. Impetus for this growth is given by innovative products that are being produced by a number of auto repair companies.

Among these companies is Fusor, a trusted name in high quality auto repair products that are made keeping in mind the needs of the market. Behind its production of high tech products is a philosophy of excellence and efficiency. With its products, Fusor aims to reduce inefficiency in processes, shorten turnaround time and give a boost to performance of vehicles.

The crux of Fusor’s product line lies in its signature LORD Fusor Adhesives. These adhesives have flooded the market as the most powerful and strong chemicals ever used to realign auto body parts. At the mention of adhesive, you would be thinking Fusor produces metal glue. However, it is essential to understand that an adhesive that has to hold together metallic body parts of a car has to be 100 times stronger than any regular glue stick. Therefore, Fusor Adhesives do not just have sticking power; they are formulated with complex compounds whose holding strength is unmatched to other mid-level adhesives. 

Not only this, Fusor Adhesives and seam sealers are known to be resistant to the heat and high temperatures that a car is subjected to. Weather and engine conditions affect various body parts differently. Therefore, while the metallic body of your car needs a different kind of adhesive, the plastic joints have different requirements.

Therefore, Fusor Adhesives are available in a number of variants that are specifically suited for plastics and metals separately. However, this is not the only distinction in the company’s product lines. Depending on the kind of adhesive power you desire, you can be Assured that Fusor has you covered.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Five Star Xtreme Clear Coats - The Best Clear on the Market

Popularity of Auto Body Repair

Just as a homemaker loves to decorate her home with the best quality furnishings, for a car enthusiast, this love is expressed in keeping his car in tip-top shape. Getting it checked regularly by experts and changing whatever parts need fixing is a no.1 priority. Until a few years back, mechanical repairs such as oil changes and spare part maintenance were the only areas of expertise in the auto repair industry.

However, with the development of advanced technologies and a reciprocated response from car fanatics, the field of auto body repair has gained tremendous momentum. Now not only would you want your luxury car to be driving just fine, you would also pay a lot of attention to how it looks and feels. This is where auto body repair comes in. Auto Body Repair Industry offers expert services for paint and paint repair jobs, polishing, touch ups and body art for your car.

This field of car repair has evolved so much that a number of specialized companies have sprung up to fill the market niche. With these, manufacturers of auto parts have also diversified their product lines by launching top quality paints, clears and base/top coats that add a touch of glamour and sheen to a car’s metallic surface.

The Oh-So-Good Features Of The Five Star Clear Coats

For many experts, Five Star is a top choice in clear coats. Even though there are many other brands to choose from here are some reasons to choose Five Star:
  • Very user friendly
  • Goes on very easy to match OEM if necessary
  • Different speeds of activator very any temperature, or drying speed
  • Prices well under market value
  • Very easy mixing ratios
  • Super high gloss when needed
  • Readily available across the U.S.
  • Formulated to last for years
  • Made from the best raw materials available

·        This clear coat can also be adjusted to maintain the original finish of the car if you prefer normal to medium shine instead of a super glossy one.

·        Above all, the Xtreme clear coat comes in a variety of store keeping units that can be selected depending on how frequently you use it and how many cars you want to gloss up!

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Norton Gold 40 or the Norton Gold 400 ?

The auto body parts industry is one that always receives a steady demand from all markets. Be it a time of recession or boom, auto parts are always needed to fix old cars or to refurbish them for resale. Together with components of the car itself, other products and accessories that aid in making these automobiles sparkle have become equally important. So much so, that with the boom in information technology, car accessories and repair amenities have also developed greatly to give users ease in application and usage.

One such repair amenity is the tried and trusted sand paper. Though you may have always thought of sandpaper as an unimportant thing, the functions it performs in an auto body repair shop can astound you.

Have you ever visited a mechanic’s shop? Stepped on a crunchy paper that made an annoying sound? Yes, that’s the handy sandpaper that an auto mechanic cannot do without. Something as simple as a sandpaper now comes with a number of specifications, all of which serve different purposes. For example, the most important determinant to keep in mind while buying sandpaper is the number of grits it should have, i.e. how coarse do you want the paper to be?

Norton Gold is a trusted supplier and manufacturer of Golden Sandpapers that have the perfect coarse textures needed to work off the rust, signs of wear and tears, old paint stains and even apply and smooth down body fillers. Because all these steps are essential before a car is given a paint job or a body repair, the quality of sandpaper used directly determines how well the finished paint job looks and feels.

Gold Sandpapers by Norton do a fine buffing job with sharp edges that give very close precision. They are available in various shapes and sizes so that a specific one can be used on different surfaces. These may be broad or narrow, rough or smooth, dusted or clear and sharp or buffed. With grit sizes ranging from 40 to 400, Norton Gold has years of experience to back up their claim of supplying the best quality sandpapers in the market.

Friday, August 9, 2013

How Perfect is Your Car’s Paint Job?

High quality body fillers are in constant demand at auto body shop. Previously, their use was restricted in the field of body repair, which was the only necessary service available to keep cars and trucks running. However, with the passage of time, the use of fillers and other complimentary products has spilled into other industries as well, one of them being the Auto Body Repair Industry.

The Auto Body Repair Industry has profited a great deal owing to the development of high tech products and procedures that have made body repairs not only efficient but also a fancy way to personalize cars! Products such as metal glazes, base coats, top coats and car putties are used frequently to give cars a new look and to revamp them for resale or just to make your car look nice.

One such repair amenity is called Body Filler or Bondo. A Bondo is such a useful product that an auto body shop cannot operate without it. Think of it as the filling between various dents on the body of your vehicle. Evercoat Fiberglass Body Filler is a one of a kind product. Even though all body fillers serve the basic function of filling in dents that can ruin a perfect paint job, Evercoat body filler is made with high quality raw materials that have been tested and formulated with the utmost care for the auto body many world wide.

A look at the way body filler is used will help clarify the need for one that is exceptional in quality and durability. When you take your car to the auto shop for a paint job, the painter first examines the entire surface, making sure it is smooth and leveled. If it is not, the dents and open spaces are filled in with Fiberglass Evercoat Body Filler and are sanded down with sandpaper so that the top coat of paint can be applied seamlessly and without imperfections.

Some features of Fiberglass Body filler are:

·        It is lightweight, making for very easy application

·        Smooth texture that glides on surfaces easily

·        It does not clog sandpaper, and is virtually pinhole free

·        It has several variants which satisfy different requirements

Therefore, these features aid in proper and durable filling of dents, which in turn determines the quality of a paint job or repair.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dura Block Sanding Blocks- The Next Generation of Sandblocks

There is more need for perfection in the auto body repair industry than even before. Precision and perfection with every paint stroke has become a gauge for the experience and expertise of an auto repairer, who is required to be very creative and efficient in every step of the process.

In light of this, auto repair products are being produced with cutting edge technology to achieve maximum accuracy and the ideal fit between metal and plastic body parts. From top quality base coats and primers, to the most innovative sanding techniques, everything is geared towards saving time, energy and costs tied to operational inefficiency.

One of the most groundbreaking developments in this industry has been the sandpaper innovation. Dura BlockSanding blocks are an ingenious alternative to sanding papers. Instead of a paper, Dura Block comes in the shape of a block, which is used for sanding auto body parts and buffing rough edges. 

Needless to say, the biggest advantage of having a sanding tool in the shape of a block is longevity. With one investment, an auto body worker can sand a number of surfaces for longer than a regular sand paper would last. Moreover, because the block can be held easily without fear of slipping or losing control, sanding can be done in a more precise manner. 

According to experts, this innovative sanding block gives the perfect 'flat, curve and edge' in sanding. With this block, now there's no need to get your hands dirty with tons of body fillers! Moreover, the compactness and portability of Dura block sanding blocks enable you to fix minor dents and scratches yourself without taking your car to the repairer.

Because of its immense utility, Dura block now comes in more than one size. From a 1/3 and 2/3 size block to a full sized one, each of these variations has been created to suit the needs of different surfaces. To make the blocks worth the purchase, they are also available in the form of a kit that includes different shapes of the block to give you the best possible utility.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Washing and Cleaning Paint Cans are No Longer a Worry

With the increase in demand and supply of auto body repair services, there has been a
constant need to make processes efficient. Gone are the days when one car was worked on for days before other projects were taken up by auto body repair workshops. Instead, working on various projects simultaneously is the most preferred way of doing business, especially in the automotive industry because repair projects can take up to weeks and months to be completed.

With efficiency in mind, the need for disposable and quick-use products has increased. There are various reasons why disposability of tools and small equipment is a must for an auto repair shop. For one, such repair work mostly involves the use of chemicals that can leave dents and stains on pots and mixer cans. Moreover, time spent cleaning and tidying up the mess from one repair for the next one, can be a big setback for efficiency.

With these advantages in mind, disposable paint mixers by EZ Mix have become a necessity in most auto shops. These mixers can be bought in packages and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fulfill a number of mixing needs. For instance, the smaller ones can be used for mixing paints that are needed in small amounts while the big containers can take a large quantity of paint, which can also be stored for later use.

Perhaps the best feature of the EZ mixing cups is their transparency. The transparent plastic gives a very clear view of measuring demarcations given on each cup. This clear view is an asset for the auto repairer because varying the quantities of different paints, thinners and primers becomes very easy and meets the need for accuracy during the repair process.

The EZ mix product line is very extensive. From a pack of 50 1oz touch up bottles and 25 5 quart cups to the Big EZ paint mixing bucket; all kinds of sizes are available, making paint mixing easy and hassle free. Moreover, apart from saving time and effort, these cups also save up to 50% on finances spent on metal cans and their replacements.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Priming Your Way to the Best Paint Job

Auto body repair is serious business. Unlike popular notions that spending money on elaborate paint jobs is unnecessary, the demand for expert auto body repair has increased exponentially. Even though this may be a result of a number of factors, one of them is the rising interest in personalizing automobile exteriors and giving them a fancy look.

While you drop your car and pick it up a week later with a glossy inch perfect touch-up, the work that goes behind this task is nothing short of being elaborate and highly planned. Auto body repair shops house specialized technicians and experts who are trained to understand the mechanics of automobiles and the way a repair job affects a car’s performance and structural balance.

Among various high end products used to revamp your car, a primer is the most important. Think of this as the base applied on the metal body so that the top coat of the paint holds better. A well-layered primer has a number of advantages such as increased smoothness, even texture, long lasting color and high gloss.

Therefore, the quality of a primer is an important factor to consider before you gauge how perfectly an auto body repair is done.  5 Star Primer is a top of the line product in this category, produced with high quality ingredients that give an ultra-smooth finish.

Five star primers have a number of features over and above the regular primers on the market. Coupled with the years of experience in the auto repair industry, Five Star primer has managed to become an essential product with auto repair shops nationwide. These features include:

·        Fast Drying makes the primer set on surfaces easily with a smooth finish.

·        Available in various stores, with units like Gallon and Quart sizes to match every kind of need.

·        An extensive line of variants from Five Star makes for a complete collection of undercoats to suit various surfaces. Some of these are the Five Star 5453 2K Primer with High Build and Five Star 5425 Xtreme Direct to Metal Primer Filler/Sealer Gray Quart Size.

With Five Star Auto Body repair primers, every paint job is just perfect!