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Monday, August 19, 2013


A new- fangled high-tech decade has quickly unfolded and enterprises are invigorating themselves to keep up to speed with the new trends and developing new products to reach the absolute pinnacle of the game. Giant automotive companies are initiating strategic plans to alleviate any threats that the competitors may pose. They are even planting credibility by citing the strongest points of their merchandize.

The auto industry has become a victim of grisly road accidents in the world; consequently, vehicles have ended up with body parts destroyed or separated. Tradition welding has for the years been the remedy for fixing these parts back. 3M unleashed panel bonding adhesive to the collision repair world and was well received by the industry players and it quickly became a household name. The selling point of this product that really rocked the world was the in-built corrosive inhibitors. This technically meant that it was resistant to any form of corroding chemical.

3M has done it again by inventing an adhesive remove, 3madhesive remover 8984, to be specific. This product is new in the market and it is already causing ripples. The invention was necessary because customers were finding it difficult to remove a bonded panel in case they wanted to replace it again. Initially, they employed heat at temperatures of about 400F, but the end result was not eye appealing. That’s why the major players had to go back to the drawing board to get their acts right. Nowadays, cars cannot get along without this adhesive remover due to its impeccable results.

3M adhesive remover 8984 is a unique blended solvent that will give you the best results. It gives you easy clean ups of all kinds of adhesives. When you use it properly, it will not damage most utterly cured paints, fabrics and vinyl. In addition,  it has the ability to eliminate grease, oil, waxes and road tars.

This adhesive remover is widely used in car exteriors. One important thing you should know is that after use of the adhesive remover on the body of your car, make sure you polish it up with some sort of car polish as it doesn’t have an effect on the paint or clear coat. This product is vastly superior to other to other adhesive removers. It doesn’t leave an oily residue like other products as it evaporates clean away.

Racing cars highly utilize 3M adhesive remover 8984 as it works flawlessly by eradicating rubber stains that they pick up during competitions. This product is enormously used in industries where image is everything; for instance yachting, as it removes all the marks without leaving any further destruction. So if you are contemplating saving time and effect and still get a perfect result, then 3M adhesive remover 8984 is the perfect bet.


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