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Monday, August 5, 2013

Add a Touch of Class to Your Car with House of Kolor Shimrin

Accessorizing the Auto Industry

The Auto Body Design Industry has evolved a great deal over the years. With the popularity of fancy auto art on the rise, this industry has seen tremendous growth and is now considered an important part of the auto industry in general. It is important to understand that this field of auto body designing is very different from the occasional repair and replacement of engine parts, windshields and oil changes. While it is often confused with these tasks, the former is a complete specialization in itself.

To be precise, the auto body design sector deals with full-fledged paint jobs, artwork and skillful finishing of details that can affect the stability, structure and appearance of a car. To make sure that the body of a car is perfect to the last paint coat, a team of technicians, experts, painters and manufacturing engineers are all needed on board so that whatever designing is needed, it can be done keeping in mind the operational and functional abilities of the vehicle.

Kolor Shimrin - The Best Paint for Customization

With such high importance of this industry, reliability and quality are two very important determinants that need to be taken into account. This means that even if you have the best team of technicians and experts on board, if a sports car is painted with low quality paints and raw materials, the entire job can go to waste.

Atop an expensive luxury car, even the slightest imperfection can shine like a million stars! And if this is spotted by a buyer, racer or owner, it can leave an everlasting bad impression of the auto body design shop. Therefore, no matter how much glamour and shine you want to add to your car’s exterior, choosing high quality paints is the first step for an excellent paint job.

Shimrin by House of Kolor is one such product that has flooded the market and taken over considerable market share. It will be correct to think of it as a base coat, something that is applied once, twice or even thrice on the body of a car, depending on the kind of coat needed and the amount of coverage required. The magical thing about this House of Kolor paint is that one can get multiple effects from this product by varying the amount and type applied.

Being one of the most high tech car paints ever formulated, Shimrin is available in various colors and textures, making it an instant choice for auto body shops all over the world.


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