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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


So many theories about cars have emerged since the initial discovery. Others assert that the design of a car’s painting system speaks more about the driver than the actual vehicle itself. Most of the drivers on roads today were born during the car revolution age and this has really gotten into their heads. To them,  a car without a painting system is considered out of fashion. They customize their cars in weird ways that look very sinister. Others have the ability of transforming the most boring cars to the coolest on the marketplace. The most integral part of paint choice is to select a format that compliments personality and the car itself.

The latest craze in the automobile word is semi-gloss appearance. The creators have utilized Fiberglass Evercoat 56 finish wax to achieve this consistency. This is basically a durable cream wax that is formulated to improve the initial brilliance and color depth. For those who are newbie in the motor industry and probably it is your first car, this polish is the best for you as it is perfect for new vehicle preparation or custom maintenance. It works brilliantly for all categories of cured paint finishes therefore flexibility is achieved. As opposed to other polishes, it has substantial amounts of silicone. Silicone in most occasions enhances the gloss finish seen in most vehicles.

The best thing about the semi-gloss finish is that it goes well with majority of paintings and it is not exaggerated. Exaggeration can sometimes destroy the appearance of your car, so it is recommended that polishing be done in moderation. The fact Fiberglass Evercoat 56 finish wax is durable; it can give you sufficient time to rest before you do the next polishing thus saving you some money that can be channeled to useful economic activities.

Bright colors like red, blue and yellow are highly suggested for your paintings as they improve the overall look of your car. When doing the processes of washing, painting and polishing, you need to be cautious of your personal heath. Though these products may be safe to use, over-exposure may bring some rare complication, so it is prudent that you wear a respiratory mask prior to the task.

Always ensure that before you commence any activity to enhance the appearance, the car’s surface is be well cleaned. This is because dust adversely affects the quality of polish and can have a negative impact on the final outcome of the work. Before applying the clear coat always ensure that you add the flattening agent to reduce the shinny finish and develop the flat outlook. A word of advice- to achieve consistency, use products from the same supplier and certainly your work will come out as desired.


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