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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Durability, Efficiency and Quality- The Best an Adhesive Can Offer

Auto body repair is an interesting career choice. Gone are the days when auto repair was looked upon as a menial job. Today, it is one of the most technologically advanced and thriving sectors of the economy that is characterized by creativity, cutting edge machinery and high precision equipment that is specifically designed for auto body repair. Impetus for this growth is given by innovative products that are being produced by a number of auto repair companies.

Among these companies is Fusor, a trusted name in high quality auto repair products that are made keeping in mind the needs of the market. Behind its production of high tech products is a philosophy of excellence and efficiency. With its products, Fusor aims to reduce inefficiency in processes, shorten turnaround time and give a boost to performance of vehicles.

The crux of Fusor’s product line lies in its signature LORD Fusor Adhesives. These adhesives have flooded the market as the most powerful and strong chemicals ever used to realign auto body parts. At the mention of adhesive, you would be thinking Fusor produces metal glue. However, it is essential to understand that an adhesive that has to hold together metallic body parts of a car has to be 100 times stronger than any regular glue stick. Therefore, Fusor Adhesives do not just have sticking power; they are formulated with complex compounds whose holding strength is unmatched to other mid-level adhesives. 

Not only this, Fusor Adhesives and seam sealers are known to be resistant to the heat and high temperatures that a car is subjected to. Weather and engine conditions affect various body parts differently. Therefore, while the metallic body of your car needs a different kind of adhesive, the plastic joints have different requirements.

Therefore, Fusor Adhesives are available in a number of variants that are specifically suited for plastics and metals separately. However, this is not the only distinction in the company’s product lines. Depending on the kind of adhesive power you desire, you can be Assured that Fusor has you covered.


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