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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fiberglass Evercoat Spot Putty - Not a Scratch of Imperfection

The Auto Body Repair industry has been undergoing an accelerated growth in recent years. In part, this growth can be attributed to rising incomes in households and an increase in automotive investment in general. The more people invest in fancy vehicles, the more they spend on keeping them in good shape.

A number of aspects come under the umbrella of Auto Body Repair. These include servicing of inner parts, maintenance of the exterior, glossing up the exterior and elaborate paint jobs. While these services come with a price tag, they are necessary to keep your car in good shape and get returns on investment if you decide to sell it later on.

Either way, auto body repair has become an industry in itself that is now being cashed upon by car accessory manufacturers. These companies develop high quality products that serve specific purposes and cater to various needs of professional repairers and even individuals who like to give their cars a touch of their own.

One such brand, Evercoat, is renowned for its innovation in the range of car maintenance products. These products are designed to help users complete various small tasks that have to be done before a car surface is sanded and painted. Spot Putty by Evercoat is one such product that. However, other similar products, spot putty takes care of the much finer scratches and dents that show through even after a body filler is applied and thorough sanding is done.

Have you ever felt that your car has some dents that are minor, but show through in broad daylight? Evercoat Spot Putty is just the product to fix this problem. Spot putty comes in a small handy pump bottle that can be used easily. From the texture of the mixture to the final look and feel of the spot putty, the excellent quality of the materials used reflects through. Some of the benefits of the Evercoat products:
  • Applies easily and effortlessly
  • Easy to mix with cream hardner
  • Spreads very smoothly and thinly
  • Easy sanding
  • No Pinholes
  • Mix only what you need
  • No Shrinking

Above all, Fiber Glass Spot Putty has a number of variants that can be used according to your requirements and the specifications of the surface in question. Two of the best ones are Fiberglass Evercoat 421 Easy Sand Pump and Fiberglass Evercoat 471 Glaze Coat.


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