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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Five Star Xtreme Clear Coats - The Best Clear on the Market

Popularity of Auto Body Repair

Just as a homemaker loves to decorate her home with the best quality furnishings, for a car enthusiast, this love is expressed in keeping his car in tip-top shape. Getting it checked regularly by experts and changing whatever parts need fixing is a no.1 priority. Until a few years back, mechanical repairs such as oil changes and spare part maintenance were the only areas of expertise in the auto repair industry.

However, with the development of advanced technologies and a reciprocated response from car fanatics, the field of auto body repair has gained tremendous momentum. Now not only would you want your luxury car to be driving just fine, you would also pay a lot of attention to how it looks and feels. This is where auto body repair comes in. Auto Body Repair Industry offers expert services for paint and paint repair jobs, polishing, touch ups and body art for your car.

This field of car repair has evolved so much that a number of specialized companies have sprung up to fill the market niche. With these, manufacturers of auto parts have also diversified their product lines by launching top quality paints, clears and base/top coats that add a touch of glamour and sheen to a car’s metallic surface.

The Oh-So-Good Features Of The Five Star Clear Coats

For many experts, Five Star is a top choice in clear coats. Even though there are many other brands to choose from here are some reasons to choose Five Star:
  • Very user friendly
  • Goes on very easy to match OEM if necessary
  • Different speeds of activator very any temperature, or drying speed
  • Prices well under market value
  • Very easy mixing ratios
  • Super high gloss when needed
  • Readily available across the U.S.
  • Formulated to last for years
  • Made from the best raw materials available

·        This clear coat can also be adjusted to maintain the original finish of the car if you prefer normal to medium shine instead of a super glossy one.

·        Above all, the Xtreme clear coat comes in a variety of store keeping units that can be selected depending on how frequently you use it and how many cars you want to gloss up!


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