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Friday, August 9, 2013

How Perfect is Your Car’s Paint Job?

High quality body fillers are in constant demand at auto body shop. Previously, their use was restricted in the field of body repair, which was the only necessary service available to keep cars and trucks running. However, with the passage of time, the use of fillers and other complimentary products has spilled into other industries as well, one of them being the Auto Body Repair Industry.

The Auto Body Repair Industry has profited a great deal owing to the development of high tech products and procedures that have made body repairs not only efficient but also a fancy way to personalize cars! Products such as metal glazes, base coats, top coats and car putties are used frequently to give cars a new look and to revamp them for resale or just to make your car look nice.

One such repair amenity is called Body Filler or Bondo. A Bondo is such a useful product that an auto body shop cannot operate without it. Think of it as the filling between various dents on the body of your vehicle. Evercoat Fiberglass Body Filler is a one of a kind product. Even though all body fillers serve the basic function of filling in dents that can ruin a perfect paint job, Evercoat body filler is made with high quality raw materials that have been tested and formulated with the utmost care for the auto body many world wide.

A look at the way body filler is used will help clarify the need for one that is exceptional in quality and durability. When you take your car to the auto shop for a paint job, the painter first examines the entire surface, making sure it is smooth and leveled. If it is not, the dents and open spaces are filled in with Fiberglass Evercoat Body Filler and are sanded down with sandpaper so that the top coat of paint can be applied seamlessly and without imperfections.

Some features of Fiberglass Body filler are:

·        It is lightweight, making for very easy application

·        Smooth texture that glides on surfaces easily

·        It does not clog sandpaper, and is virtually pinhole free

·        It has several variants which satisfy different requirements

Therefore, these features aid in proper and durable filling of dents, which in turn determines the quality of a paint job or repair.


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