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Friday, August 16, 2013

Norton Champagne Abrasives - The Best Quality Sandpaper in the Market

Abrasives are an important tool in an auto body repair shop. As an end user, all you see on your brand new car is the paint, gloss and a top coat. However, all the hard work that has actually gone into a fine paint job is done by abrasives such as sandpapers that are used to buff, sharpen, cut, smoothen and scrap metallic parts of a vehicle.

One of the premier sandpapers on the market is by Norton. It uses top quality raw material for sandpaper production and the difference between Norton Sandpapers and the other regular ones flooding the market is apparent with just one use. Because it is used regularly and more frequently by an auto repairer for almost every kind of automobile repair, the durability and coarseness of a sandpaper are two factors that matter the most. In case of Norton Champagne Sandpapers, both these criteria are easily met.

What makes Norton Sandpapers ‘the best sandpapers on the planet?’ Let’s look at a few attributes that are worthy of praise.

·        Unlike other papers, Norton sandpapers are 30%-50% sharper making them ideal for cutting jobs.

·        They resist heat well. (This feature keeps the sandpaper cool even after rigorous rubbing making the paper last longer.

·        They are made with special ‘heat treated’ grain.

·        Because they cut faster, less paper is used in every job making them last longer, increasing utility and efficiency.

·        Norton Sandpapers are treated for repelling pigmentation. This attribute helps with grain adhesion to the paper, which is a No.1 sign of good quality.

·        It comes in various shapes and sizes, such as circular disc, thin rolls and even single sheets, keeping in mind the kind of surface that will be rubbed.

·        Norton Abrasives are suitable for multipurpose use, so even though they are made for the automobile industry, they can be used in woodwork and fiberglass repair.

Apart from these features, Norton Abrasives can also be distinguished by grade. For example, Premium B weight latex gives superior flexibility so it can be used for tasks that require flexible usage while FEPA P grade gives a consistent and uniform finish, thereby being useful for jobs that require high precision.


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