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Friday, August 2, 2013

Norton Gold Abrasives – Selection to Fit Any Sanding Need

Not all sanding jobs are the same. While they all have the same underlying principle – removing something from a surface – they come with varying degrees of difficulty. When it comes to aggressive sanding jobs, like removing a lacquer primer or a basecoat from a body panel, you need the right sandpaper for the job. You’ll find exactly that in the Norton Gold line of abrasives. Norton abrasives have a reputation for durability, performance and high quality, and the Gold line embodies those qualities perfectly.

The Right Tool for the Job
Norton Gold Da psa

Just as sanding jobs vary in their intensity and aggressiveness, they also vary in their layout. You wouldn’t use the same sanding discs on a concave curve as you would on a flat surface (and if you do, you’re just making more work for yourself). You need the right tools for the job. When it comes to sandpaper variety, Norton abrasives can offer a lot. You’ll find two types of discs available – the company’s DA 100-400 grit system and their 80-grit PSA Stikit system. Both are available in disc rolls, which is a convenient alternative to buying small packs of expensive discs. Each roll contains 100 discs and they’re attached at either edge, allowing them to be loaded into a roll machine with ease. 40-grit discs are also available, but in rolls of 25 (all are six-inch discs). 

Discs aren’t the only type of sandpaper you’ll need in the shop. That’s why Norton abrasives are available in file sheets as well. Both 40-grit and 80-grit file sheets are available, and they come in boxes of 25. File sheets are used in a variety of situations, from removing old paint and putty to cutting down filler and removing burrs.
Norton Gold air board sheets

Backing Strength

One of the most acclaimed quality of Norton abrasives is the company’s backing strength. Using heavyweight backing material, Norton reduces the chance of the paper tearing, but this also improves both durability/lifespan and sanding capabilities. If you’ve ever tried sanding with a piece of sandpaper made with thin backing and then switched to a thick-backed piece, you know exactly how much a difference this makes in your ease of use and results, and the life of the sandpaper.

From grinding wheels to sanding discs and file sheets, Norton abrasives sandpaper is available in a style to fit your needs and your project. Get the strength, durability and performance you need to do the job right.


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