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Monday, August 26, 2013


Auto repair services have grown exponentially and they are quickly becoming lucrative due to the sheer number of vehicles available on the roads. Expanding the auto repair service industry does not need massive expenditure. The most important thing is to stay tuned to industrial trends and embrace the new technology fully. Growing car complexity has played an integral role in stimulating the repair industries as the owners ultimately require high-end services that compliment with the status of their cars. To control a large market share, the auto repair companies have resorted to liaising with car dealers and this has enabled them break even before of the mid financial month.

For owners of these high end vehicles, a perfect looking automobile is what they crave for, so they will use every available resource to ensure that their cars maintain the original gloss. Some choose to visit the garage. For sparkling results Presta Ultra cutting cream 131905 dictates proceedings. It is an aggressive cutting crème created to eradicate 1200-grit and advanced sand scratches from old and soft paint. This superior combination makes compounding a lot easier. This product is also the perfect solution for harshly oxidized and weathered coatings.

For those with gel coated surfaces, this product is fits the profile. Presta Ultra cutting cream has the ability to cure fine sand scratched surfaces and leave a glossy finish. The main selling point is that it doesn’t contain silicones and waxes and it reinstates surface shine to maritime coatings and gel coats. It is also devoid of fillers that cover scratches.

Before beginning on this procedure, it is essential that you determine the severity of the defects of the scratches and the repair companies will do this for you. The experts will do the sanding on the scratched part and after uniformity has been achieved, the compounding is the next step. For best results it is recommended that you use a black twisted 100% wall pad. The cream is then applied on the surface and buffed at speed of 1880 to 2200 RPM. It is then buffed slowly and consistently until the scratch disappears. Give the final polish with a soft piece of cloth to acquire a glossy appearance.

The good thing about Presta Ultra cutting cream is that you only need one application to guarantee results, thus it has been termed as economical. It removes all horizontal and vertical sand scratches with ease. It is also capable of easily eliminating heavy scratches and hook marks. It boasts of finer abrasives, aggressive enough for light to medium defect removal and enables the product to transition to a polishing mode faster thus saving a lot of time. A clean microfiber cloth is used to give the final gloss.


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