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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Priming Your Way to the Best Paint Job

Auto body repair is serious business. Unlike popular notions that spending money on elaborate paint jobs is unnecessary, the demand for expert auto body repair has increased exponentially. Even though this may be a result of a number of factors, one of them is the rising interest in personalizing automobile exteriors and giving them a fancy look.

While you drop your car and pick it up a week later with a glossy inch perfect touch-up, the work that goes behind this task is nothing short of being elaborate and highly planned. Auto body repair shops house specialized technicians and experts who are trained to understand the mechanics of automobiles and the way a repair job affects a car’s performance and structural balance.

Among various high end products used to revamp your car, a primer is the most important. Think of this as the base applied on the metal body so that the top coat of the paint holds better. A well-layered primer has a number of advantages such as increased smoothness, even texture, long lasting color and high gloss.

Therefore, the quality of a primer is an important factor to consider before you gauge how perfectly an auto body repair is done.  5 Star Primer is a top of the line product in this category, produced with high quality ingredients that give an ultra-smooth finish.

Five star primers have a number of features over and above the regular primers on the market. Coupled with the years of experience in the auto repair industry, Five Star primer has managed to become an essential product with auto repair shops nationwide. These features include:

·        Fast Drying makes the primer set on surfaces easily with a smooth finish.

·        Available in various stores, with units like Gallon and Quart sizes to match every kind of need.

·        An extensive line of variants from Five Star makes for a complete collection of undercoats to suit various surfaces. Some of these are the Five Star 5453 2K Primer with High Build and Five Star 5425 Xtreme Direct to Metal Primer Filler/Sealer Gray Quart Size.

With Five Star Auto Body repair primers, every paint job is just perfect!


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