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Monday, August 12, 2013

The Norton Gold 40 or the Norton Gold 400 ?

The auto body parts industry is one that always receives a steady demand from all markets. Be it a time of recession or boom, auto parts are always needed to fix old cars or to refurbish them for resale. Together with components of the car itself, other products and accessories that aid in making these automobiles sparkle have become equally important. So much so, that with the boom in information technology, car accessories and repair amenities have also developed greatly to give users ease in application and usage.

One such repair amenity is the tried and trusted sand paper. Though you may have always thought of sandpaper as an unimportant thing, the functions it performs in an auto body repair shop can astound you.

Have you ever visited a mechanic’s shop? Stepped on a crunchy paper that made an annoying sound? Yes, that’s the handy sandpaper that an auto mechanic cannot do without. Something as simple as a sandpaper now comes with a number of specifications, all of which serve different purposes. For example, the most important determinant to keep in mind while buying sandpaper is the number of grits it should have, i.e. how coarse do you want the paper to be?

Norton Gold is a trusted supplier and manufacturer of Golden Sandpapers that have the perfect coarse textures needed to work off the rust, signs of wear and tears, old paint stains and even apply and smooth down body fillers. Because all these steps are essential before a car is given a paint job or a body repair, the quality of sandpaper used directly determines how well the finished paint job looks and feels.

Gold Sandpapers by Norton do a fine buffing job with sharp edges that give very close precision. They are available in various shapes and sizes so that a specific one can be used on different surfaces. These may be broad or narrow, rough or smooth, dusted or clear and sharp or buffed. With grit sizes ranging from 40 to 400, Norton Gold has years of experience to back up their claim of supplying the best quality sandpapers in the market.


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