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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Washing and Cleaning Paint Cans are No Longer a Worry

With the increase in demand and supply of auto body repair services, there has been a
constant need to make processes efficient. Gone are the days when one car was worked on for days before other projects were taken up by auto body repair workshops. Instead, working on various projects simultaneously is the most preferred way of doing business, especially in the automotive industry because repair projects can take up to weeks and months to be completed.

With efficiency in mind, the need for disposable and quick-use products has increased. There are various reasons why disposability of tools and small equipment is a must for an auto repair shop. For one, such repair work mostly involves the use of chemicals that can leave dents and stains on pots and mixer cans. Moreover, time spent cleaning and tidying up the mess from one repair for the next one, can be a big setback for efficiency.

With these advantages in mind, disposable paint mixers by EZ Mix have become a necessity in most auto shops. These mixers can be bought in packages and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fulfill a number of mixing needs. For instance, the smaller ones can be used for mixing paints that are needed in small amounts while the big containers can take a large quantity of paint, which can also be stored for later use.

Perhaps the best feature of the EZ mixing cups is their transparency. The transparent plastic gives a very clear view of measuring demarcations given on each cup. This clear view is an asset for the auto repairer because varying the quantities of different paints, thinners and primers becomes very easy and meets the need for accuracy during the repair process.

The EZ mix product line is very extensive. From a pack of 50 1oz touch up bottles and 25 5 quart cups to the Big EZ paint mixing bucket; all kinds of sizes are available, making paint mixing easy and hassle free. Moreover, apart from saving time and effort, these cups also save up to 50% on finances spent on metal cans and their replacements.


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