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Monday, September 9, 2013

Amflo Couplers – Quality Couplers for Auto Painters

When people choose to bring their car in for auto painting, they often do not think much about the process that is used to create the beautiful painted finish. However, as someone who works within the auto body and painting industry, you understand the there are many products and parts that have to be considered in order to create the perfect auto finish. One of the small details which many people do not give enough thought to are the couplers used on their air compression system. Something as small as this can make a big difference; so, you want to make sure that you are choosing quality couplers such as those made by Amflo.

Amfloproducts are distributed by the Plews/Edelmann co. which was originally called E. Edelmann & Co. named after its founder Eric Edelmann. The company has grown and evolved over the years adding the Plews division in the 1970’s and with it the addition of air-line products and lube equipment. The company has been in business since 1909 offering quality automotive products for over a century so you can be sure that all Amflo products meet quality and safety standards.

Plews & Edelmann is a leading manufacturer of Amflo products which are sold to most mass merchants, auto body and painting shops and distribution outlets. If you are looking for a top quality coupler that you can trust then Amflo couplers are the best choice. They are the top choice in auto body and painting shops around the globe. Amflo couplers are for use with adhesive applications, solvent based paint and water based paint and feature a quick release which is specifically designed to be directly connected to both non-electrostatic and electrostatic low pressure spray guns.

Amflo couplers can be used on both circulating and non-circulating paint systems as well as with paint guns that have paint pots attached. The smooth surface area prevents damage to seals even when frequent disconnection and reconnection are common. They are simple to use as well; simply push in to connect the coupler and then press the button to disconnect. So easy to use that you can even disconnect and reconnect with gloves on so that you can work quickly and efficiently.

Things You Will Love About Amflo Couplers

v  Can be used with Water & Solvent Based Paints

v  Durable

v  Lightweight

v  Quick Release Feature

v  Easy to Use

v  Can be Operated with or Without Gloves

v  Large & Smooth Surface Area


So, if you are looking for the most trusted brand of couplers in the industry then Amflo couplers are what you are looking for. With hardened steel balls and stainless steel springs you can be sure that these couplers are top of the line.


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