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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Detro Spray Socks – Advantages and Features

Detro Spay Socks – Advantages and Features

Auto Painting is a dirty job and you will need a variety of items to keep you protected from the fine mist and particles which you will be exposed to. While you could purchase a dust mask, Detro Spray masks are equally affordable while offering protection for our entire, face, neck and head. Not only are Detro spray socks affordable and effective, they also provide you with maximum comfort for all day wear.

Made from 100% all-natural cotton you can rest assured that they are lightweight, cool and comfortable while preventing you from exposing your face, neck and head to paint overspray. Not only are you protected from the mess, it also filters the air and prevents the inhalation of these harmful chemicals into our lungs as well. Detro Spray Socks are designed to fit snugly yet comfortably around both your neck and head. The material is thin and breathable yet dense enough to filter the air you breathe. For tough jobs, you can combine multiple Delta Spray Socks to achieve the desired level of protection needed.

Because these spray socks are stretchable, they come in a one size fits all. Simply slip the pray sock over your head and it will automatically adjust to the right level of support to ensure that you are thoroughly protected. You will be glad to know that you can use Delta spray socks in conjunction with other safety products such as disposable respirators, half masks and full masks and goggles for added protection. So, if you are looking for a spray sock that is comfortable breathable and affordable then Delta spray socks are just what you have been looking for.


Specifications for Delta Spray Socks

v  Made of 100% Cotton

v  Cool & Comfortable

v  Affordable

v  Protects Head, Neck & Face

v  Comes in Boxes of 12

v  Protects Against Overspray

v  Lightweight


Why pay the same price for a disposable respirator or dust mask when you can protect our entire head, neck and face for the same price with Delta Spray Socks? When used in conjunction with a full body suit with hood, goggles and a respirator you can be sure that you will receive full protection when working in the auto painting industry. Do what you love in full protection by purchasing Delta spray socks for daily use when painting cars with a fine paint mist for protection that you can trust.


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