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Monday, September 2, 2013

Effective Swirl Remover: The Meguiars M0916

The Meguiars M0916 swirl remover is a great polish and cleaner that gets rid of small scratches and swirl marks. It is formulated to give a car a great look and maintain the paint job in superb condition.

A swirl mark is a bane to vehicle enthusiasts and owners alike. Swirls are the worst enemies of paint jobs no matter how good the job is. Most people drive cars with swirls and this is what tales the glamour out of their cars despite the great paint job done at the shop. There are several causes of swirls. However, the most important thing is to find an effective swirl remover, like the Meguiars M0916 swirl remover. How effective is this at getting rid of the nightmare? Before looking at the benefits of this product and why you should use it, it important to look at the causes of swirl marks.

Causes of swirls:

Dirty cleaning cloths are the leading causes of swirls on vehicles. Even though the cleaning is done in good faith to make the car shiny and presentable, the use of dirty chamois, bad quality microfiber fabrics and filthy terry cloth towels will lead to swirl marks. To take care of this, you should use the Meguiars M0916 swirl remover to get rid of the marks soon as you spot them.

Other causes of swirl marks include but are not limited to improper washing such as the use of wrong washing methods and wrong detergents that destroy body paint due to their chemical components. You should hose the car to loosen large particles, to avoid the hard scrubbing that will only cause swirl marks and eventually destroy the paint completely. Use detergents auto expert recommended detergents to prevent the detergent related damages. Filthy car covers also cause swirl marks. Regardless of what caused the swirl marks, you can use The Meguiars M0916 swirl remover to get rid of them.

Most people take their cars for a paint job and after some time, though the finish looks great, there are funny looking marks all over the vehicle. This takes away all the greatness. Though these marks are sometimes unavoidable, it is only wise to use some of the best products in keeping the paint job brand and fancy, just as if it was done today. This can easily happen with the use of the Meguiars M0916 swirl remover.

What is The Meguiars M0916?

The Meguiars M0916 swirl remover is a vehicle cleaner and polisher all rolled into one. Meguiar’s has been around for over a century taking care of the finishes of a car, and they have this product, which has proven to be a great asset in cleaning and polishing the car exterior to give it a new look, get rid of any swirl marks and small scratches. The product was created with the aim of providing an easy way to clean with impressive results. Meguiars M0916 is 100% non-abrasive, thus it is safe for all paintjobs including the delicate clear coats. The products can be applied by hand or using dual action polishers and the results will be equally impressive.

When the vehicle’s body is scratched lightly, swirl marks will appear due to the light reflection on the edges of these marks. When using the Meguiars M0916 swirl remover, the edges of the swirl marks will be rounded and the marks filled to prevent the reflection. This will give the vehicle a great new shiny look.


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