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Monday, September 23, 2013

Guide coat-Your car painting best friend

First off, when you skip out on a guide coat, then you might be landed with three problems; you might not sand enough, you might sand too much or you might not sand just right. Normally after finishing your first coat of paint is when you will realize your world of problems!

SEM guide coat 38203 is a film of contrasting color which when applied over the area of the car that is being repaired, will result in it’s getting into all the pinholes, all the scratches as well as flaws to the surface. In essence while you are block sanding the guide coat, then you will be able to see all the high and low areas as they will stand out, making it easier for you to proceed with your perfect paint job. In addition, a SEM guide coat 38203 will let you know as to whether or not the surface is straight and flat or whether the contours are in their proper shape. What this means is that once you have the entire car primed, then in the final sanding stage, you will be able to easily see any missed areas.

You may be wondering as to why you should use a guide coat. The mere fact that it is the most inexpensive way of ensuring that you obtain a high quality paint job should have you sold! Not only will it save you time, but it will also speed up the straightening process and leave you with a beautiful handiwork. Ultimately, using a guide coat will mean the difference between a finished job with pin holes and sand scratches and a perfect job with a very smooth surface.

How should you use a guide coat?

Applying SEM guide coat right from the first coat up until the final sanding is an ideal way of using it. After applying filler, and Primer, then you need to cover up with the guide coat, in this way when you begin sanding, the low spots will be detected. You need to proceed with applying the guide coat through the straitening process for best results, it needs to be added after every primer filler application up until the repair job is properly shaped.

Which is the best type of guide coat?

With hundreds of products to choose from, it is understandable why you are lost for choice! Normally, guide coat will come to you in the form of dry powder or in aerosol cans. Alternatively, you can spray a thin coat of different color primer or paint over your car, in essence making your own guide coat. However, the problem with making your own guide coat is that it is time consuming and will leave you with a big mess, in addition to causing you problems like over spray, or leaving you with clogged sandpaper!

Cheap as it may seem to be, using you own guide coat, if you are not a professional that is could ultimately leave you with damages. Imagine choosing the wrong paint compatibles and applying it to the car!  If the paint that you chose reacts then you could face problems with trying to fix it! SEM guide coat not only gives you a visual guide to a smooth surface, but it is also great for wet sanding and working for body filler!


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