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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Professionals swear by the Fiberglass Evercoat Fiberglass Cloth

Expert Auto Body care providers already know that the best quality fiberglass work cannot be accomplished without the right Evercoat Fiberglass Cloth.

Ideally, regular car care is important for maintaining the value and appeal of motor vehicles.  Professional Auto Body care providers seek to do just that by using top quality tools and body repair kits to ensure that at all times, the client is not disappointed with the finished job.  Expert bodymen know how important it is to use the best items and there are a number of top brands to rely on.

 Fiberglass work has become quite a major area engaging a high number of professional Bodymen.  As more and more motor vehicles are made with a greater percentage of fiberglass components, it has become important for service providers to also offer fiberglass repair service as a natural part of Auto Body care.

 Why use Fiberglass Cloth?

 To repair or remove dents, scratches, or to fix body damage caused by accidents or other hazards, professional body shop companies turn to fiberglass repair kits which include the fiberglass cloth. One might ask why not use a fiberglass mat?  Depending on the work to be done, one can use either a fiberglass mat or a fiberglass cloth.  Persons who have used the fiberglass cloth swear by the smoother look and feel and the fact that it comprises closely woven thread fabricated for strength.   Many persons who work with fiberglass opt for a combination of the fiberglass mat, which is not as tightly and smoothly woven. The fiberglass cloth gives a stronger finished product, the matt is much easier to work with and costs less.

 The bottom line is that the surface that is to be worked on determines the materials to be used.  For surfaces that will be completed and has to be as strong as possible, the obvious choice is the fiberglass cloth, as it is tightly woven giving you a much stronger finished product on such surfaces. 

 Some precautions when working with Fiberglass

 A number of precautions are generally given for working with fiberglass,

  • Always wear gloves to protect the hands from the effects of the fiberglass resins.
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a face mask, and goggles or breathing apparatus to avoid dust and fibers.
  • Wear overalls that provide good coverage against the resin and fiberglass dust.
  • When working with the fiberglass cloth, be sure to observe the instructions for use and not render the cloth too saturated to work well on the form you want to prepare.
  • It is also vital that working with fiberglass requires adequate air flow so proper ventilation is a must.

 Evercoat Fiberglass Cloth

Whether you choose to do it yourself or rely on the professional, you can choose the Fiberglass Evercoat Fiberglass Cloth for the best results.  Why this and no other?  The Fiberglass Evercoat  comes in several sizes suitable for jobs large or small, and their product is very high in quality that is consistant.  The Evercoat brand has for years provided a high quality and reliable range of products that are trusted by professional auto body shop, boat and marine shops and even by the aircraft maintenance industries around the world over.

One of the main features that puts the Fiberglass Evercoat Fiberglass Cloth apart is its flatly woven design that provides a higher strength construction. This lightweight cloth can easily be placed to conform to any form being worked on.  Once the resin is applied it combines well with the fiberglass cloth which hardens into a surface that can then be sanded and finished.

Professional body shops know that any time they are faced with badly damaged exterior auto body finishes, or finishes that have deteriorated, these can be rectified using fiberglass Evercoat.  They have come to rely on the Fiberglass Evercoat Fiberglass Cloth that allows for a professional finish in a much faster time.


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