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Friday, September 13, 2013

Protect Your Lungs with 3m Disposable Respirators

Many people think that a dust mask and a disposable respirator are the same thing but this is not the truth. A disposable respirator must meet governmental regulations so that you know that it has passed the minimum filtration requirements for safety. A disposable respirator is also commonly referred to as a N95 face mask. If you want to make sure that you are choosing a quality disposable respirator then take a look at those made by 3m as they are well-known for their reputation in the auto fiberglass and auto body industry for their quality and comfort.

3mDisposable respirators are also known for their comfort, so you will not only have to wear it you will want to wear it. Not only does this quality disposable respirator provide maximum comfort, it is also easy to use and easy to store making it one of the most popular and widely used disposable respirators in the fiberglass and auto body industry due to the affordable price, quality materials and high safety standards.

If quality is what you are looking for then the 3M dual cartridge respirator is a great choice. It is NIOSH approved and protects against a wide variety of particulates and organic vapors. This is essential when working with auto paint and fiberglass as both can spread mall particles into the air that are dangerous when inhaled. Why take a chance with your health when there are quality dual cartridge respirators available that are both comfortable and effective at removing these unhealthy and dangerous particles from the air you breathe when working with spray paint and fiberglass.

Not only this, but 3m disposable respirators come preassembled and do not require any maintenance due to the permanently attached cartridges making them easy to use. These disposable respirators offer quality and comfort featuring a soft, lightweight face piece made of thermo-plastic. Nothing is worse than an uncomfortable facemask that fits poorly and is uncomfortable, with a 3m disposable respirator you can work for multiple hours at a time without even noticing you have it on.

Advantages of 3m Disposable Respirators

v  95% Efficient Filtration when exposed to liquid and solid aerosols

v  Maintenance Free

v  Permanent Pre-Attached Cartridges

v  Comfortable Fit for All-Day Wear

v  NIOSH Approved


So, if you are looking for the best disposable respirator on the market then 3m dual cartridge disposable respirator will provide you with the quality you are looking for from a company with an established reputation in the industry. If you work within the auto body and fiberglass industry then do not take unnecessary chances with your health invest in quality disposable respirators by 3M to protect you from health problems later down the line.


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