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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Save Your Hands with Diamond Grip Gloves

Save Your Hands with Diamond Grip Gloves

Working as a body man or painter provides you with the opportunity to do what you love to do; make cars beautiful. However, as you probably know your hands can take quite a beating throughout the process of your daily tasks. Ask any Auto Body repair or painter and they will tell you how difficult it can be to remove paint and grime from their hands at the end of the day. This is why many auto body repair and painters have begun using heavy duty latex gloves each day.

If you have been looking for a way to protect your hands and keep them clean then why not protect your hands in style with the number one selling latex gloves in the auto industry. Keep your hands clean and protected like never before with Diamond Grip MF300 gloves that are known for their strength and durability.

These disposable, powder free, white gloves are made from all natural materials such as rubber and latex and are 9” long and an astounding 6 mm thick. This extra thickness allows you to work hard without worrying about rips and tears which are common with many other brands of gloves. With extra thickness in the fingertips you can rest assured that they are strong enough to withstand even the toughest of jobs. 

Have you ever used standard latex gloves and realized that it is impossible to get a good grip once they get wet? Diamond Grip MF300 gloves have solved this problem by adding a textured finish to the fingers to allow you to easily form a grip whether wet or dry. Combine this with the convenient beaded cuffs which allow you to easily apply these top quality gloves to your hands with ease and you can see why Diamond grip gloves are a top seller in the auto body repair and painting industry.

Top Features of Diamond Grip MF300 Gloves

v  Powder Free Finish

v  Beaded Cuffs for Easy Application and Removal

v  Textured Fingers for Stronger Grip

v  9” Long to Fit All Hand Sizes

v  6 mm Thick for Extra Durability and Protection

v  Made of Durable and All-Natural Rubber Latex

Diamond Grip MF300 gloves come in a wide variety of sizes from XXS for super small hands to XXXL for those of you with large hands so you can easily choose the perfect size for you. In order to determine what size you need all you have to do is use a standard tape measure to measure the circumference of your hand right below the knuckles of your dominant hand. The number of inches coincides with the size of gloves you wear. For example, if your hand measured 9 inches around then you would wear a size 9/Large; or, if you hand measures 7 inches around then you would wear a size 7/Small.


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