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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Say goodbye to door alignment headaches! Steck 21845

If you have a beautiful car, then you know that uneven door gaps are a big no no! Can you imagine driving around with that gap and suffering looks from people, who are quite possibly wondering what a beautiful car is dong with a gapping door? Did you know that aside from the unattractiveness they give, they also increase wind noses from misaligned door seals? In addition, they can possibly lead to uneven hinge and latch wear!

When you see the ghastly gap, the next thing that pops in your mind is how to fix it. Do you go looking for tools in your toolbox and try to fix it by yourself, or do you take it to the garage? A gap that will let you at least close the door is endurable, but what about the one that won’t let you? Have you ever been in this scenario, when it comes down to closing your car door, you need to make several attempts before the door closes, or you need to lift whatever pounds your door weighs and slap it into position. All the scenarios presented are really a night mare, with the last scenario a result of worn out hinges!

How do you get your door aligned?

Hinges that are not properly greased and are in essence left to rub for long periods of time will eventually become loose. This means that you need to check to ensure that no hinge pin is standing loose. You can also, in the event that you find the hinges intact, take a look at the lock striker, which is located on the car body’s door post. A loose striker will show you which way it has moved by the scratches that you will find on the door post, which will not be large. In the event that you find a loose striker, then you need to pry it back into position.

This may all sound like a lot of work and you may fear that you need the help of a professional. However, you can get the job done right by yourself as long as you have the right tools and the patience required, remember that you do not need to apply immense pressure to the car in your attempt to get it fixed. Too much unnecessary pressure will only result in further damage which you don’t need or want. You need to look through the market for the right tool that will help you align your door. Such a tool that has been sworn by is the Steck 21845 door alignment tool, which will get your problem fixed in no time at all. It also comes in a reasonable size, which means that you don’t have to go looking for the space to store it, since it can easily fit in a drawer

What tool should you opt for?

There are hundreds of tools on the market that promise to get the job done, which makes finding the right tool a nightmare. The good news is that when your door gets a gap, with the right tool such as the Steck 21845 door alignment tool, your problems will become a thing of the past. The Steck door alignment tool is specially designed to fit easily in your drawer, meaning that you have no space issues to worry about. This tool not only saves you money by doing the job yourself, but also time which you would have spent having your car at the garage. Not only does the Steck door alignment tool restore your sagging hinges to their proper alignment but it also uses your breaker bar for leverage.



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