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Saturday, September 21, 2013

SEM 39134 Flexible Primer: Provide the Best Suitable Surface for Final Coating

Amongst the most essential tools you will obviously find in a painter supply cabinet is what goes before the paint. This is none other than the primer. It sticks so well thus turns the surface into smooth, uniform surface ready for painting. Even though you may think that it is the paint that matters and again echoed by the fact that paint manufactures claiming that their product will do the job perfectly; primer that goes underneath before the paint is the most essential step that results to good painting.

They provide painters with a desirable working surface so as to achieve an intended quality finish by allowing the exact color used to come through during the final coat. Primers completely seal the pores and sand scratches on the newly constructed surfaces and incase of old painting, they cover stains on the previous panels thus making it ready for new finished coat.

About SEM 39134 Flexible Primers

There are a number of primers products manufactured from different companies. One of them being SEM flexible primer.  Being a single component primer surfacer and supplemented with the high solid formulation ensures quick building of the film, and flexible enough to go on rubber bumpers. You won’t have to worry about cracking and peeling do to expansion and contraction of the rubber as the Sem 19134 will do the same. As its name suggest, this primer is commonly used on flexible but rigid sections of the plastic like;

·        TPO

·        Xenoy

·        SMC

·        Fibreglass

·        Urethane

·        And much more

SEM flexible primer 39134 quickly can fill scratches, or gouges and has outstanding qualities of spraying on smooth when using the product. Ready to spray out of the can, easy to sand, may be top-coated with most automotive finishes and has a desirable flexible formulation. It meets air quality strict regulations set by the relevant authority, and it is non-flammable.

To prevent corrosion for a long period of time after painting, the SEM flexible primer comes with self-etching properties creates a maximum adhesion onto the surface making the product to stick very well and not peel which makes it stand out against the others. It is also available in spray cans for touch ups, or small jobs.

Helpful suggestions on Application

·        Ensure that the surface is clean, free from wax, grease debris, and mold release agents

·        Using a 36-grit or finer, thoroughly sand the surface by hand

·        Finish sanding with at least an 80 grit sand paper

·        Use a flexible filler like Evercoat

·        If needed apply glazing putty over any scuffs or gouges

·        Topcoats using a primer of high quality like SEM flexible primers.

·        Finish sand as necessary to a finish of 320 grit or finer


Before you start applying your paint, prepare your plastic and urethane with semi flexible primer.  The primer will produce a required smooth surface suitable for final coating.

Some Benefits; properties of SEM flexible primers:

·        Self-etching properties; creates an excellent room for adhesion

·        Rust inhibitors-prevent corrosion

·        Ideal for flexible bumper repairs

·        Dries quickly

·        Sands easily

·        Available in quarts

·        Available in aerosol cans

·        Ready to spray


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