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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Solving the lockout problem

Do you always find in your shop that yourself or employees locking keys in your car? Or do you work at a retail store and customers come in asking for a hanger because they locked their keys in the car? Here’s Steck big easy lockout tool kit to solve your dilemma.  You need not call the professional help of expensive locksmith.  Just have this handy lockout tool and solve your problem in minutes.

You have everything you need to accomplish your day’s activities. You are in a jovial mood until you reach your car, and what do you find? You have been locked out! And to add insult to injury, your car keys are staring back at you in the car! Frustration and panic will set in and at one point you will be extremely tempted to smash the window in just so you can get to your car! In case of an emergency, nobody would blame you for smashing them down! At such a time The Steck big easy lockout tool kit would come in handy!

Breathe easy and try not to panic, because with a clear head, you situation can soon be resolved! At this point in time, you need to call a car locksmith, the police or an automotive repair professional to help you unlock the door. Such professionals have access to tools which will safely and efficiently open your car door without causing damage to the car.

The more ideal solution to your problem would be to have spare keys. At such a time when you find yourself locked out of your car, you will be thanking the gods for the presence of mind to have a spare key tucked away somewhere, either with a friend, a family member or a neighbor. If such is the case, all you need to do is make a phone call to them and have them bring the spare key to you, that is if you didn’t accidentally lock the phone in as well!!

What could save your day?

Aside from the more drastic use of a brick to get into your car, having access to a big easy lockout tool kit could come in handy. You have seen some people use a long thin looking wire to try and open the door, or a hanger, but if the wrong tool is used then it could result into disconnected door linkages or the activation of the airbag. Both instances obviously don’t paint a good picture!  You wouldn’t want to end up with a damaged car whose only problem to begin with was locking you out! The big easy lockout tool kit is designed in such a way that it will enable you actuate the door handle without the risk of damaging the door, or the possibility of weather stripping. In addition, the kit will enable you to actuate the electric lock or manual lock button on over 98% of trucks and cars. It comes with a safe smooth plastic wedge insert which will ensure that your door comes to no damage.

Aside from the Steck big easy lockout tool kit, you can make use of other tools to unlock your door. The pump wedge can come in handy if you don’t have access to the Steck big easy lockout tool kit. This tool is used in such a way that it acts like an inflated pump which is much like a blood pressure monitor device. You simply insert it into the car’s closed door frame, and inflate it with area until it separates the car door from the car frame, thereby causing the car to unlock. Alternatively, it can be inflated with just enough air so as you can be able to reach in and safely get the car keys, or unlock the door manually. You could also use a long reach tool which reaches to the opposite side of the car and triggers the buttons, or it can be used to make a grab for the car keys in case they are within reach. Regardless of which tool you use, proper care and experience is needed to ensure that car doesn’t get damaged.


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