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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Steck Pull Rod Set – Benefits & Advantages

As an auto body technician one of your primary duties is to remove dents from car due to auto collisions. A pull rod set is one of the most used types of dent puller sets used daily in the auto collision industry. All you have to do is drill a small hole into the bottom of the area where the dent is located and then insert the proper pull rod into the hole in order to work out the dent and restore the surface of the car. One of the top selling dent puller sets is the Steck pull rod set. This versatile pull rod set comes complete with four pull rods, two pick sticks, one HS split point drill bit and one stainless steel straight edge. Every tool you need for small dent repairs is included in this set all for one affordable price.

Any experienced auto body repair technician will tell you that this classic pull rod system is a staple in any auto body shop. This is because it works well and was built to last. With the tough alloy steel that has been heat treated precisely in order to achieve maximum strength and longevity of each of the dent pullers in the original Steck pull rod set. Another great benefit of the Steck pull rod set is that each piece within this set features vinyl coated handles in easy to locate colors making them comfortable to use and easy to locate in a busy shop.

Another great way that Steck ensures the quality of its dent pullers is by factory testing each of the dent pullers under a 500 lb. weight load. Steck manufacturing company has been in business since 1946. Created by George Steck the company was originally called Steck’s Painting & Body Shop. The company’s first product was a fastener which was used to install the read fenders of cars and has since continued to manufacturer equipment for the collision repair industry.


Things to Love about the Original Steck Pull Rod Set

v  Vinyl Coated handles for Comfort

v  Factory Tested Under 500 Pound Weight Load

v  Colored Handles for Ease in Locating

v  Made of Extra Tough Alloy Steel

v  Includes 8 Different Dent Pullers


The Steck Pull Rod set is the most recommended dent pull rod set amongst auto body collision repair technicians because it is built to last and is a great value offering numerous dent pull rods for a single affordable price. Why choose a less expensive set that is poorly made and will not last, when you can pay a little more for a quality set that will last many years more than a cheap set of pull rods!


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