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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Essential Tool for Fiberglass & Auto Painting – The Shoot Suit

The Essential Tool for Fiberglass & Auto Painting – The Shoot Suit

In the auto industry there are many jobs which require you to be protected. Auto painting and fiberglass finishing can be messy and require you to take measures to protect yourself from the tiny particles that fill the air. While you could choose disposable protective suits each time you perform an auto painting or fiberglass finishing job, why not choose the Shoot Suit which is machine washable and a more affordable alternative to disposable suits.

Shoot suits are a must have for any auto body technician looking for complete body, head and neck coverage. Not only will this top quality protective suit provide an extreme barrier for paint and fiberglass dust, it will also reduce the buildup of your body heat due to the breathable back panel and lightweight material.

Once you consider the cost of disposable suits over a 3-4 month period, you will quickly be able to calculate the savings that you will find in a Shoot Suit which has a life expectancy of 3-4 months. The savings will quickly add up with a single shoot suits costing half of what you would spend on disposable suits over this time period.

You will also love the convenience of the full zipper front which allows you to put on and take off your shoot suit with ease. The sleeves, hood and front are made of nylon while the back of the suit is made of a cotton/polyester blend which is breathable to help keep you cool. The cotton/polyester blend used on the back of the suit is glazed in order to prevent lint and prevent it from clinging to your clothes.

Something you won’t find on disposable suits that is found in the shoot suit is the convenient fasteners which allow you to prevent our sleeves from riding up within the suit as you work. Because the Shoot Suit is machine washable, you will be happy to know that it is made with a 5 step coating process which tightens the weave in order to help release surface paint during washing in order to keep it looking like new for the duration of its use.

Features & Benefits of the Shoot Suit

v  Full Front Zipper for Easy On/Off

v  Convenient Sleeve Fasteners

v  Last 3-4 Months

v  Comes in Both Black & White

v  Compete Coverage of Body,, Head and Neck

v  Breathable Back

v  Cost Less Than Half of Disposable Suits

v  Machine Wash Washable

v  Lightweight & Breathable


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