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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

3m Scotch Brite Discs – Perfect for Big and Small Jobs Alike

If you need to scuff up an aftermarket or factory order fender in order to prepare it to be primed, painted or sealed then scotch brite discs is a perfect choice. A 3m scuff pad is the most popular scuff pad among consumers and professionals alike because they are affordable, easy to use and durable so you can quickly get the job done. These awesome scotch brite discs receive rave reviews and are known to provide the best quality for the price because of their strength and durability.

There are many great uses for a 3m scotch brite pad. Whether you want to scuff a fender up, gently strip or scuff up around rivets on tractor trailers or planes the quality scotch brite discs can easily handle the task. This is because they come in varying sizes and shapes so that you can choose the perfect one for the individual job. While the main use for a 3m scotch brite pad is within the auto body industry, there are also plenty of non-automotive related uses for a 3m scuff pad. From auto body fenders to stainless steel appliances you can be sure that scotch brite discs are ready and able to tackle the job perfectly.

Depending on the job, there are many different scotch brite discs and 3m scuff pads to choose from. In be surprised fact you will be surprised by just how versatile a 3m scotch brite pad is. You can use 3m scotch brite pads to take off minor scratches and imperfections from a variety of surfaces. If you need to carefully and easily smooth out or scuff up any auto body or home improvement surface then chances are there is a 3m scotch brite pad that will serve the purpose perfectly.

Choose from scotch brite discs such as the clean and strip disc or rivet cleaning discs or perhaps you require the 6” x 9” 3m scotch brite pads depending on your needs. You can also purchase a convenient roll of 3m scotch brite pads which measure 4 ¾” x 15’. You can also purchase scotch brite discs which are designed to condition your auto body surface. These awesome four in one scotch brite discs are a popular choice among auto body professionals.

Perks of 3m Scotch Brite Pads

• Can be used on a Variety of Auto Body Surfaces
• Can be used on Household Surfaces
• Affordably Priced
• Easy to Use


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