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Friday, November 15, 2013

Advantages of Milton Air Tools

Milton air tools and quick disconnect Milton air fittings are in the top of their class. They offer a complete line of nipples, couplers and air tool fittings for all of your body shop needs. Whether you are looking for a pencil style blow gun that is small enough to fit in your pocket or a quality air filter they have offer all of these things and more in the Milton air tools line. Milton industries are known for producing quality Milton Air fittings with quick disconnect features which are well loved by professionals and consumers alike.

Milton Air tools are created by Milton Industries Inc., they have been in business for 70 years and are still family owned and privately operated. Many members of the family are still presently active in the day to day operations of the company and strive to ensure that the quality of Milton air tools remains untouched. Over the years the Milton name has come to be known for durability and quality that is surpassed by none. If you are looking for the best air tools available then Milton Air tools and quick disconnect fittings offer quality products at an affordable price. 

Milton Air Tools is a top seller both among those who prefer to do it themselves as well as professionals. They are best known for their quick disconnect or Kwik Change couplers, swivels, filters, air hoses lubricators and regulators. Whether you are looking for Milton air fittings or tire inflators you can be sure that the complete line of Milton air fittings offers exactly what you are looking for. There are hundreds of Milton air tools available all featuring the famous quick disconnect feature that Milton is known for.

Milton air fittings are able to be interchanged with all manufacturers and feature brass sleeves and bodies. The M-style plugs of these quick disconnect Milton air fittings are plated with a coat of hardened steel to help improve durability and resist rust and corrosion. If Milton Air Tools pocket style blow gun pen is what you are looking for, then you are sure to love the quality of this blow gun. This small and easy to grip blow gun features two finger control which allows you to easily adjust the air flow from full volume to off with ease. It even comes with a convenient shirt clip to keep this awesome Milton air tool in your pocket securely when not in use.


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