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Thursday, November 21, 2013

House of Kolor Paints – What You Need to Know

If you have heard of house of kolor paints and want to know more about them then you have come to the right place. Kolor paint is among the top choices of professional auto body paint professionals that want to create a beautiful custom finish. This top of the line custom auto paint product line is one of the best around and is guaranteed to create a beautifully flawless finish. Founded in 1956, house of Kolor paints has become a trusted name in the business over the last 50+ years.

So, I am sure you are wondering about house of kolor paint prices. If so, you may be pleasantly surprised as custom kolor paint products are not as expensive as you may think. House of kolor paints have established themselves as the leader in custom auto paint through natural organic growth and have come to be the most trusted custom paint in the industry. House of kolor paint prices is more expensive than some others; however, they are well worth the cost if you seek a custom finish that will turn heads.

House of Kolor paints were created by car enthusiast and custom painter Jon Kosmoski who is known as a world renowned custom painter. House of Kolor paint prices are slightly higher than some other custom paints; however, you can be sure that you will get every bit of what you pay for when you make the choice to purchase Kolor paint for your custom auto finish. Custom auto painters around the globe already trust house of kolor paints to their most important jobs; shouldn’t you?
While you can find custom auto paint and products for less than house of Kolor paint prices, can you be sure that you will receive the same top quality finish that Kolor Paint is known for? House of Kolor Paints offers a full line of products such as undercoat products, base coat products, reducers/hardeners and sealers to create a top notch finish that will not fade or tarnish over time. You will enjoy years of beauty when you choose Kolor paint for your custom auto finish. This is why the slightly higher house of Kolor paint prices is well worth the investment to many auto enthusiasts.

Facts about Kolor Paint
• Founded in 1956
• 50+ Years’ Experience in the Industry
• Full Line of Custom Auto Paint Products
• Trusted Name in the Auto Paint Industry


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