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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Presta Compound – What makes it the Best?

If you work in the auto body industry then you already known about the quality reputation that Presta compound has come to be known for over the years. If you are looking for a beautiful high gloss finish then Presta compound is a great product that will not disappoint you. Chances are when you see a beautiful auto finish roll out of the shop, they used Presta compound for the mirror like finish that turns heads. There are many products that Presta makes such as Presta compound, chrome cleaner, polishes and glazes that are known to produce a professional quality paint finish.

Presta compound is a part of a full line of products offered by Presta that are known to work together perfectly. This integrated system are designed to work together perfectly to provide quality results quickly with minimal clean up. The cost of Presta compound and other Presta products are affordable and designed to last. You will need to use fewer products and finish the job quicker if you choose Presta compound for your next job.

Presta Compound 130001 Strata is design to be machine applied and has a multitude of uses in the auto body & auto painting industry. Presta compound can remove 1000 grit sandpaper scratches with ease as well as medium to heavy imperfections in either new or already cured paint. If you want to create a beautiful mirror like, high gloss finish on acrylic lacquers, acrylic enamel and foreign and domestic urethanes then Presta compound is just what you need.

Presta compound is not only known for the quality finishes that it is able to help you produce; it is also known for the easy clean up that their line of products offers. Presta compound will easily rinse off without leaving behind a pesky dust or film like other less expensive compounds. So, if you want the perfect compound to remove medium to heavy surface imperfections and sand paper scratches then quality Presta compound will exceed your expectations.

Why Presta Compound is the Best

• Machine Applied
• Removes 1000 Grit Sandpaper Scratches 
• Cuts smoothly
• Can be used on a Variety of Different Types of Paints & Enamels


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