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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Stop Rust in Its Tracks with Sem Rust Coating

Whether you are preserving an old car or restoring a newer model it is vital that you treat the underbody and any existing rust spots with a top quality rust converter such as SEM rust seal. Before applying SEM rust seal it is important that the surface of the project is clean and dry. It is best to remove the tires and wheels so that you can easily access the under body of the car to apply SEM 39138 quality rust coating. The rust converter will not properly adhere to the surface of the underbody if it is not properly cleaned and dried so be sure that you do not skip this step.

SEM rust seal has been designed so that is able to create a reaction when it comes into contact with rust. The application of this quality rust coating provides a strong and durable protective coating that will neutralize rust immediately once it is applied. SEM rust seal contains a unique formula that is able to easily penetrate even the most affected areas. This is because SEM rust seal is able to chemically bind with the rust transforming it. Once the rust converter has been applied it can either be left as is or used as a smooth base for primers, enamels, body fillers or lacquers and eventually painted.

Simply apply SEM rust seal completely over the affected area ensuring that all areas have been thoroughly and evenly coated with SEM 39138. Whether applying to the entire under body or applying to affected rust spots, rust converter is a great way to neutralize rust and keep the rust from spreading, giving your vehicle a new lease on life. Once you have evenly and thoroughly applied rust coating to your vehicle, you will need to allow sufficient drying time before removing the tape, masking film and paper, and putting any kind of top coating over it.

Although SEM rust seal may feel dry to the touch in about an hour, it is best to let the rust coating dry for at least a day before reinstalling tires or fenders. Once it is dry you can go ahead and put back together, topcoat or whatever needs to be done just make sure the rust coating is thoroughly cured.


SEM Rust Seal Details

·        Neutralizes Rust

·        Cures Completely in 24 hours (as long as not below freezing)

·        Easy to Apply (brush able, or spray able)

·        Strong & Durable Rust Conversion


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