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Friday, November 8, 2013

Texture Coating with SEM Texture Paint

If you work in the auto body shop then you know how important a quality texture coat can be. That is when SEM texture paint is one of the bestselling amongst those in the auto body industry.  If you are not familiar with texture coat process, then you should know that SEM texture paint is created with a blend of materials that are formulated to be flexible so that they can provide you with the most professional finish available for dashes, fiberglass, bumpers and other plastic auto body parts that you need to match the texture on. You are sure to be impressed by SEM 39863 professional texture coating.

SEM 39863 comes in an aerosol for easy application and contains 20 ounces of top quality texture coat per can. This easy to use SEM texture paint formula is ready to spray and specifically formulated to easily duplicate OEM textures. If you need to restore interior or exterior textures then you are sure to be impressed by the easy application and flawless textured finish that you will receive when using SEM 3983 texture coat with aerosol application.

When you choose to use SEM 39863 for all of your texture coat needs, you can be sure that you are receiving the best quality product available. In fact, SEM products have been in business since 1948 with more than 60 years of experience in the industry. Their main goal is to exceed the expectations of those is the auto repair industry by providing quality and innovative products such as SEM texture paint and many other quality items that auto repair experts have come to trust over the years.

SEM products Inc. moved from California to North Carolina in 1992 due to their continued growth and need for expansion. SEM texture paint and auto repair supplies are back by their awesome founding principles that customer service and quality products are the key to success. So, whether you are in need of SEM texture paint or other quality auto body repair products you can be sure that the line of products offered by SEM are top quality and backed by a name that you can trust.


Things to Love about SEM Texture Coat

·        Convenient Aerosol Application

·        Easily Duplicates OEM Texture Surfaces

·        Fast Drying Time

·        20 Oz. Can

·        Can be Used on bumpers, fiberglass and dashes

·        Restore Interior and Exterior Surfaces


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