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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Great Benefits of Norton Sandpaper

If you work within the auto body repair industry then you understand the importance of quality Norton sandpaper that will withstand any job both big and small. Norton sandpaper was designed with quality and durability in mind so you can be sure that it will stand up to even the toughest of jobs. The type of Norton sandpaper that you need depends on the job; however, whether you choose Norton Champagne, Norton blue Stripper or Norton Gold they offer the perfect sandpaper for the job.

If you are looking for sandpaper that will stay cool, last longer and cut faster than Norton champagne is a great choice. Norton sandpaper such as Norton Champagne is designed for the auto refinishing industry in mind and can be used for other uses as well such as woodworking. Norton Champagne sandpaper features a premium grain which is heat treated and offers a cut rate of up to 50 faster than other sandpaper. Not only this Norton Champagne also features flexible latex backing which makes it easy to work with while providing an even and consistent finish.

Norton blue stripper sandpaper is a popular choice among auto body repair and finish experts as it allows them to easily access hard to reach areas with ease. These discs are double laminated ad designed to work with Norton’s Speed Lok System. This easy to use system allows you to easily mount and remove Norton blue stripper discs by simply twisting it off and quickly replacing the discs. Norton Blue Stripper is well loved in the industry for the reduction in disc changing required, the ability to reach hard to get to areas and the efficiency and durability it has come to be known for.

If you are looking for a top of the line continuous roll sandpaper then Norton Gold is the perfect option for your sanding needs. This golden sandpaper comes on a roll that allows for a continuous feed throughout the roll. Norton Gold sandpaper are PSA backed so that you can easily remove the backing and stick them onto the surface of your choice quickly and securely. Not only is Norton Gold sandpaper a great option for Dura-block it also works great for file shoes, sanding blocks and file boards as well. Norton Gold offers quick stick application that you are sure to love and durability that is sure to help increase your efficiency.

Types of Norton Sandpaper

·        Norton Gold

·        Norton Champagne

·        Norton Blue Stripper

·        Norton Black Ice


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